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Look we'll give you your full blown casino and glenn davis what they're operating with now now is what the call class to gaming it looks like a slot machine but is basically enter connected they go games will give year class three but you have to promise that even though he had may have somebody leftover from that lance intimate you will try to build anything else here on the valley tribe is a little pinky i guess their their feeling is you know maybe believing that they've been screwed over by tight by the white man their their their wall superstitious they're the little the low suspicious that perhaps there's something else in the in the in the contra have bad attitude of the part of the native american will well out of course well the funny part about that is look between us kids it was that the hall who pulled a fast one back in two thousand to they sack quietly knowing they were looking for property and didn't bother to did to tell anybody who was being told all nothing new in the phoenix area or by the way this a slow provision him here so there's a little a little bit of slime to go around a both sides on this one so considering the fact now that they deal lays that not only did glendale facility but apparently a couple of other casinos have been given some latitude love the the the trade off for example he'll river has been fighting it because they have the casino this closest they have the one down yeah peaking about down fifty first evident they are losing business so what the governor said to kind of make them say look let's just get.

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