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Could develop him into a starting quarterback. Already without further ado enough ready to do Let's get to the closing bell. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up. Who's down Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell on Lee on the sack, Gilbert show Let me start off with protecting your young quarterback. A lot of people try to go with the sexy headlines. Take a wide receiver. I like when someone beefs up their offensive line. That's what the Chargers did. Sean Slater going to protect Justin Herbert last night was the 13th overall pick in the draft and they get a corner as well. Asante Samuel Jr with the second round pick 15 pick in the second round, give US stock up to the first two picks. For the Chargers, led by their head coach. Brendan's telling them their GM Tom Telesco. I got to give praise to the Jets. The Jets are an organization. I'm not telling you. What they're doing is going 2000% work, but they have a plan and they're moving in the right direction of a popular GM. They have a popular head coach. They get what they think is their franchise quarterback. They have a ton of picks and this draft next draft in the year. After that, you also got Elijah Vera Tucker at the USC. They traded up to get him and they take with the second overall pick in the second round tonight. Elijah Moore, the wide receiver out of Ole Miss good job so far by the Jets to me that the winners of the draft so far Re GM's that I usually give stock down still. Ryan Pace. Howie Roseman and Dave Gettleman. Like what The Bears have done going to get Justin Fields I like with the Eagles did moving back getting a first round pick that moving up on Lee having to surrender a third round pick and getting Don't fuck they, Smith. When I led Bama Now about the Giants. It picked up an extra first bears come up to 11. They get Justin Fields, and then they did get canaries Tony last night. Nice job by those three G. M's all who probably should be fired by now, but they did a nice job in the first round stock up. Cookie Monster. Mack Jones Patriots franchise quarterback 15th Overall pick Lovett stock up. Kyle Shanahan. Whether it was true or not on who we love first he played us all. Is the majority of us. Not that the third overall pick was gonna be Mack Jones, and it wasn't not many secrets happen in this world anymore. Kyle Shanahan actually had a secret stock up Kyle Shanahan..

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