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To the Beltway in the area of the Beltway. We now may have a wreck. Also, colors had reported for 10 East West Highway closed between Connecticut Avenue and 3 55 so that they contribute the roadway with the icy conditions. A lot of cars were stuck along that stretch of 4 10 G. I T accelerates the modernism. Nation of legacy I t environments and deploys advanced digital like a systems visit G i t dot com slash digital modernization. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Let's go live down the storm Team four's Brianna Berman solo as the snow continues here in northwest, but other areas We're seeing more rain and more freezing precipitation. Yeah, and even just in downtown. We're starting to see that Washington. We're starting to see that Switch from snow over to freezing rain and sleet. And then you just head ah, few miles to the north, and it's still snowing right now. So this is a very tricky winter storm. Mostly snow right now to the West, mostly a very cold rain to the East and in Washington south along the I 95 corridor. That's where we've seen the switch over the past hours, so From snow to a mix of sleet and freezing rain. This is going to create traffic problems as we've seen already today, with the storm that's sticking around through the rest of the day to sundown and beyond. So after sundown when temperatures drop back below freezing around Washington on our side roads, suburbs We're going to see any precipitation that fell today. Re freeze and create a headache through tomorrow morning. Now the storm does wrap up tonight We should see our winter storm warnings and watches expire early tomorrow morning. It's going to be cold overnight and windy with wind chills down into the twenties will be looking at a partly sunny and cold day tomorrow temperatures. We'll be in the upper thirties solo for two right around 40 on Thursday, Friday, 39 with sunshine and we'll be in the low forties with sunshine on Saturday. Let's do a quick temperature check right now. I know that it is a snowing to the westward over. You're seeing that right now. In Leesburg, it is 28 degrees in Woodbridge. It is 32 degrees and 32 degrees in Washington. All right, it's 29 degrees in friendship heights and snowing brought to you by letting the plumber Trusted same day service. Seven days a week. Wtlv had won 22 new developments This hour of Prince George's County Police officer has been sentenced today for sexually assaulting another officer. And we'll spend the next seven years in prison state's attorney for Prince George's County, Aisha, Brave boy says when the victim stood before the judge to give a statement ahead of lieutenant Richard Talent sentencing, she surprised the courtroom with her bravery. Her first words.

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