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Station hurts. But i just feel like it could have been meaner managed should have been to be honest. Asked like corey was phased by at all. And i wanted him to be phased. Corey is a golden retriever. And he also doesn't care about olivia here feel key by if i mean i just think that this is the first time a girl paid attention to him for three days. That's fair it's not bailey. Though i know when they would have been so q. I have to admit i would've really liked korean bailey. Actually i think and then. Olivia and andre also seemed more genuine. Yeah but i do have to admit i. The corey is somewhat of a fan favorite. I think he's boring. I have no interest. Oh i'm all over it. Like i felt bad for him for a little while because i was like. Oh he's like a sad puppy who doesn't know how to talk to women isn't having good luck legacy from one like will came in and stroke care from him instantly. I was like oh. I feel bad for him. And i'm like no i don't feel bad for you. I don't care about you. Like i tweeted today. Like oh it's crazy or no. It's wild how little i care about any of the people on this show and someone was like even corey and i was like. Yes honestly especially corey someplace. I wouldn't go that far as especially gory he. I don't even i don't know. He had a good three stretch of episodes where he was the underdog. And then i was kind of over it blake. I'm almost just sad with our weekly segment of the dumping mkhori said but like it's passed the point of being funny almost for me where i'm just like i'm upset that this like i'm upset at the public education system. I'm upset at every like influence that has ever been corey's life. I'm upset that no-one taught him how to talk to women. Like he makes me sad. And i don't wanna watch this show to feel sad. I wanna watch the show to laugh at hot dummies. And he is dummy that is true he does fit the brand making the cover of the brand you know that is far looking at corey. Perry attractive that is fine but he took a man in peace. Not standing here never have deep conversations. But i hate that. They didn't expose like the third name. I mean it was obviously flow. Well yeah but they should have just put it there. The thing is. I don't think that flows name was in the tweet but like you know. This isn't twitter. We have an edit button we can throw it in there. At least put in parentheses like then her parentheses flow like. We need to know who you're speaking of exactly like i. Just i just want a little more info and this is what spurs all of the drama of the remainder of the week because afterwards this is trina and olivia feel empowered to tokyo. They're worried about her. Because up to this point anytime it's brought up like i just wanna be done with it gremlin. It's hard..

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