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Moller has says it comes in a study from the MIT Sloan school of management as protesters demand and national conversation on race research is shedding more light on the current viruses disproportionate impact on black people this fits into a broader conversations about race and outcomes more generally a study by MIT economist Christopher committal found that the average county level death rate from Kobe nineteen in the U. S. is twelve per one hundred thousand people but that rate doubles every ten percentage point increase in the county's black population in Massachusetts the correlation between the percentage of black residents and Kobe nineteen deaths is stark with counties like Suffolk and Hampton leading index we control for the share of the population that has health insurance diabetes smoking obesity so it's got to be something that's not that racism is the original scent which result in us the value meaning each other Dr Georges Benjamin executive director of the American public health association says there are systematic issues at play with more black people using public transportation and on Medicaid everybody was championed those drive test system well if you didn't have a car you could drive through and in many cases those facilities are placed now I don't know that ma'am we were telling people if you have symptoms call your doctor well if you didn't have a doctor who did you call now the conversation on health and race is converging and Dr Benjamin says he thinks we need to start dealing with education and income inequality and those who have lifestyles that are not equivalent to everyone else top U. S. infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci calling it a significant improvement in the therapeutic options for code nineteen researchers say a steroid treatment is a major breakthrough in the fight against corona virus trial results show dexamethasone is the first drug to reduce death rates by about a third in the most severely ill corona virus patients the cheap and widely used steroids reduces inflammation researchers say it should be immediately used as standard care in patients who have severe cases cited correspondent Tom Roberts swelling became a pariah for taking a knee now it's sounding like Colin Kapernick might soon be back in the NFL the former San Francisco forty Niners quarterback has not taken the field since twenty sixteen like countless others in the wake of George Ford's killing and every new national fervor for racial justice the NFL has reversed course from cap one X. days as a player openly encouraging the kind of peaceful protests he famously started back then former NFL coaches are now claiming they want to decide the veteran years ago current ones are taking calls about of an NFL agent drew Rosenhaus things it's only a matter of time before it team signed Kaepernick for twenty twenty match Piper CBS news six thirty eight it is time to get a check on the business world pretty good day for Wall Street and roll day is at Bloomberg expects a new cold cases in Florida and hospitalizations in Texas have all free traders concerned today traders pared back the biggest early gains but they didn't run for the exits the Dow ended higher by five hundred twenty seven nasdaq up a hundred seventy has to be five hundred up fifty eight the fuel in the engine was a reading of U. S. retail sales showing a blistering spike of almost eighteen percent in may from April far above forecasts although for prospective sales were still down six percent from may of.

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