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Hike on sleeping giant why not sandwich it ran mike's best elliot all time or you could go to henry's on whitney dam i could you know what just fucking let's let's go to new haven again to take you around you mean lebron starting a new fuck and franchise at hartford that's a good feeling to like be able to take somebody around your hometown though you don't ever really get that do you blumenfeld because you you grew up in the valley yeah i mean i guess i could take somebody to the valley yeah but it's just like you go into different strip malls and stuff so you're saying because we all ready living la i don't get to take somebody to la that's what i say sort of saying that encino sucked but yeah we can eat at like the aroma actually that was when i came to la and we ate at the there's a starbucks there oh but the the pizza you know you gotta you gotta hit the pizza and i feel like that you can go to bar for the mashed potato and bacon pizza gray pizzas for nighttime yeah you go to frank's frank pepys sally's but i i am a delon aman now hard the lady it's low key the best pizza new haven i think wow it's on state street people or new haven love new haven pizza they have some sort of fucking weird affinity towards it and then since you didn't eat pizza bar you can just go to bar at dance party and rage that's cool what's your goto current tv show to watch says you be ultimate bear what are you watching now straight up dude i am watching billions how much i love billions you know what's cool a billions i'm a big billions dude are you obsessed it's probably my favorite.

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