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Elektronik ships that are used in cars, a sign that the global semiconductor shortage is getting worse. Speaking Lovett Egg Elektronik Sverrisson kicked off the consumer electronic show on a virtual stage on Monday. The company was talking about five g and the way it'll change the world with everything from network connected drones to football stadiums. Stocks get opened higher today after losses yesterday. Right now, the Dow futures are up 52 S and P futures or seven points higher and the NASDAQ indicator is up by 26 stocks in London down about 7/10 of 1%. Made Cory with a Bloomberg business report on news 93.1 kfbk. Okay, and thanks so much 5 22 is the time we have fresh audio clips for you right now, First of all, a Republican member of Congress. Says that President Trump must be held accountable for what happened in Washington, D. C last week again. This is a Republican congresswoman, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, says something needs to be done. I've talked to some of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle today. I do believe there's an appetite, whether that censure or some other resolution or or opportunity to move forward and someone's gonna be held accountable and we have to hold the president accountable for what happened. The rhetoric leading up to this vote, the lies that were told to the American people. This is this is what happens. Rhetoric has real consequences and people died, So she's talking about censure, and it's an option. Essentially, it's a slap on the wrist, right. You know, the Congress says you, you did something wrong and that Z terrible summer believing that is the best thing to do is we're getting ready for a new administration. 25th of it. It doesn't look like that that that's pretty much off the table. Impeachment is very much going to be voted on, probably tomorrow. Okay, let's get to Governor Newsome. He had lots to say in his briefing yesterday, he does support theme. Beechman effort. He answered a question from a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, asking his stance on the use of the 25th amendment and the impeachment effort. I'm all for it, but I'm really right now. So you got it. So let me just put I'm trying to get 291 folks in the department of Fence, trying toe get more support from all levels to bring down. I'm just be candid with you. Focused on this vaccine distribution. I'm focused on the surge. I'm trying to drive tol us through this extraordinarily challenging period and I appreciate that focus and I support it. He also touched on the topic of mobile morgues, which have become more widely used as our coronavirus. Death rate goes up now. It appears more pressing in the context of preposition of these mobile morgues has been essential and tickle parts of the state that are simply overwhelmed. That just don't have capacity of the biggest news is these massive vax any vaccine distribution sites that the governor says they're being established and will be set up is Early as later this week. We're speeding up the administration not just for priority groups, but also now opening up large sites to do so. Meaning Dodger Stadium. Padre Stadium. Cal Expo These large mass Vaccination sights. Sounds like what they're doing in the UK and trying to get that rolled out as well. That is one of our headlines this morning. We're gonna spend a lot of time on it for the next four hours. We've got big sites from Los Angeles San Diego here in our region at Cal Expo. That's going to be the site and it's going to be our lead story at six o'clock. We're getting in more detail about when it's expected to roll up, but it could be a matter of days were told what it's going to look like we don't know exactly. This is a This is a huge state, obviously, so it's much more difficult than in other states. But I mean the federal government left it up to the states to figure out how to distribute all of this, and I was just reading Vermont. Apparently much smaller state, obviously, but they are rolling out the vaccine with inefficiency. That is stunning. Some are doing much better, like New York is struggling. Florida's doing a much better job. So just what you said in California. It looks like that Starting next week, the mass vaccination should begin. Also, we should not on a federal level. The Biden administration is indicated. Once they get into office. They're going to do everything they can to speed up the first doses and not hold back s O, you know, Look, it's going to speed up. Dramatically in the next 4 to 6 weeks, right? Pretty clear. They get it done. Looking ahead here. Aubrey Aquino is going to be joining us in less than 20 minutes. Speaking of Governor Newsome more on the recall effort, she spoke to some folks. About. In fact, one of the guys who ran for governor last time we're on about the recall effort, so she's got that coming up. Yeah, they think they're going to get it done, so we'll hear from her coming up and have your top stories of the day in about three minutes. There's something to say. Good morning on your smartphone dial pound 2 50 say, open my all of it makes anything we're all adults to your question. Join the conversation with Sacramento's two news 93.1 Diego kfbk. Fact filing.

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