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We can brainstorm that together. I think the the terms expert is brilliant. It's politically brilliant. You know and we need We like to say prostituted people Because that's the truth Prostitution is something that happens to people. It's not a crime that somebody does. It's a crime that is done to someone prostituted people. We like to say. People Woman of colonized experience you know the sex trade has a history and legislative colonialism and slavery. So let's call it what it is. Those words are uglier than sex for her. But it's the truth. No that commercial sexual exploitation is used but it's at that sounds a little sanitized as well for me. Personally I would like to take the word sex out of it and use some freeze that includes the word slavery for slavery or coerced slavery. Something like that. I mean I agree with you. So we always say sets. Work is neither sex workers neither sex nor work because if it feels like work than it's probably not sex and if it's it's not work right so that makes a lot of sense. I personally have been work. Shopping is fiscally coerced penetration. That sounds really ugly. But it's also very long and doesn't On a tote bag as nicely as does so. I don't know how far we're going to get with that but it right. And then it doesn't cover all of the activities penetration that could coerce. Yeah and fall under that umbrella. Yeah we can workshop that together okay. So so let's talk about the the bill that was proposed in New York City last year to decriminalise prostitution and there are those who were for the bill and there are those who opposed it and the opposition favored something called the Nordic or the equality model. What is that and how does it differ from full decriminalization? So there's three kinds of legal approaches to this. Although most people only think that there are two which is decriminalization and legalization. So we oppose both those. Why do we oppose legalization? Because obviously we should never legalize the sex industry for all of the reasons that we already said. Why do we oppose the decriminalization of this ex- industry because when we decriminalize it it's it makes it a free Pearl Right? There's no legal consequence or repercussions for the actor. The bad actors of the sex trade proponents of decriminalization. Say that they prefer this model. Because it decriminalizes the folks who are engaging in the trade so folks who identify as sex workers and we agree with that notion right folks who are in the trade should not be arrested you know prostituted. People should not be arrested. Like I just said prostitution is a crime that happens to somebody as opposed to a person committing a crime. So where do we go with that so being that we agree both agree with that premise? That individuals in the trade should not be arrested. The difference between US and full decriminalization folks is that we prefer approach called the equality model so the equality model maintains that prostituted people are not arrested. But it also maintains the legal consequences for Pinson traffickers and this is important because it is an approach that seeks to reduce the market right by attacking the demand and it also provides exit strategies for people who are in the trade which time and time again we've seen when it comes to direct service providers or folks who are on the ground when they ask people. Would you be doing something else if you could? The answer is profound yes. Almost one hundred percent of the time people respond with yes because people are in the trade the majority of people who are in the trader in the trade as a result of mead as a result of precarity the Nordic model offers exit strategies health services educational services paths towards legal citizenship. So that they don't have to fear they don't have to fear being criminalised for the position that they are put in however we can't pursue a feminist future without holding. The people who do harm responsible and the people who wrong do do harm are expires. One hundred percent of the time you know. So it's not. You know a lot of people who who support the full decriminalization model say that the laws are killing people. But that's not true. The law doesn't kill people. Sex Fires Kill people. You know every time we mourn another person in the sex trade who was killed it was by affects fire every single time objectively. And that's because we can't be sure of what a fire will do once the doors closed and that's why we should never fully decriminalize because that's actually enabling harm. You know it's not harm. It's not harm reduction. The equality model is harm prevention. I was thinking when you were talking about the gendered aspects of trafficking sex trafficking and how Trans Women More More Trans Women Than Trans men are being victimized in being prostituted because they present as fem and that sounds to me. I hadn't actually thought about the demographics in terms of trans men and Trans Women. But it sounds to me that it's related to the fact that Trans men can present as men right and and so they can do things potentially in this world have access to opportunities that someone who presents as them. Whether you're a woman assist gendered woman or Trans Woman. Way May not have access to because of systemic discrimination of course and ultimately what it comes down to with regards to Trans Women in the sex trade is male entitlement. You know Men are entitled or under Patriarchy. They feel that they are entitled to Women's bodies so that that's the overwhelming trend that we see in the sex trade and it's it's really unfortunate you know because a lot of trans women who are in the trade. Say that they're in the trade you know because they don't have a housing or because they need access to health care. These are all systemic stomach problems that we shouldn't say then to Trans Women. The right of passage for you to live your wisdom bestself is to be raped by a stranger. You know we as organizers than people who want to see a feminist future which means one where women do not have to be chained and victimized by the various manifestations of Patriarchy for us to say that we are found as organizers and then also say you need to get over this hump of male violence to then be your best self. It doesn't make any sense it. It's it's not a feminist approach to condone the sex trade at all. It's it's vehemently anti-feminist feminist and I like to see. Those are pro men feminists because they're not pro woman. As per woman feminist. You would insist on Women's liberation without exception and definitely not the exception of this extra so I'm GonNa make suggestions. We're brainstorming. Have what we call them? Promo Zeke Communists and the other side pro humanity feminists I think pro with eight again pro men fake feminist and then pro humanity feminist shows of us were trying to liberate. Women are trying to liberate. All of us Arche we should write all this stuff down and since we're talking about people who are there's a huge movement as you know from your work of people who call themselves progressive whether it's people who are organizers community organizations even elected officials right some of whom sponsoring this bill for New York City. How do they reconcile in their head? What is their rationale for supporting something? Once they've heard your argument I can't imagine how they're still justification meaning there. I don't know I think I think we should ask them what their rationale is. Because once you hear the stories of survivors once you employ a global approach to the issue it so obvious you know. It's so obvious that Western individualism. Which would actually give validation to the concept of self empowerment over collective harm of women as a socio. Political class is behind a lot of the justifications. For their argument you know again. It goes back to The harm that was done in the seventies with coining the term sex work which a lot of people grew up on right here in that term and now can only visualize it through a Labor perspective. That that's really really hard. You know over in Spain. I think last year they were sent to a so-called sex union tried to be established like can you imagine a union where Strip club owners and pimps are in your union. Union is the boss in. That doesn't make any sense. You know and I I mean I also have that question Terry seriously do. I don't know how they can rationalize it. I think a lot of it is reactionary politics as opposed to employing a global lens. Also a macro lens to the issue. Because it's easier to do that. It's easier to be a reactionary. It's easier to half band-aid solutions. That mass harm reduction instead of doing a bigger analysis of the issues and that also requires a lot of self reflection too because the thing about Patriarchy and misogyny is that the systems that are so insidious that they infect our line of thinking to same goes for capitalism. You know all of these systems have infected us and that's how we been think it's exemplified in the term sex work in itself that we could even accept you know an economic exchange for rape as a valid labor movement. Mlive hard you know. It's really hard and I don't know if you knew this but a lot of people would rather take the easy way out when it comes to these things so I really don't know the answer that I know why it happens. I don't I still don't know how we can you. It it it's the most regressive progressivism there is so what about. Let's look at the actual people who are being prostituted they experience. They're saying that if you don't allow me to do my job. If you impact the demand for my job I will be at risk of homelessness and negative. Health outcomes and this is my only way of survival. How do you respond to that? There's a couple of things that you touched upon. Because you know it's that's how it is with the issue prostitution. It's a multifaceted issue. And the first thing you mentioned was was health right. That's interesting because the health effects of prostitution are so widely recorded short and long-term but for some reason we haven't recognized it as a global health crisis right. The immediate health consequences of the sex trade versus long term consequences include a body depression. Ptsd A lot of women who are in the sex trade actually have PTSD that mirror. That of combat veterans woman who are infertile as a result of the physical. Harm that the sex acts day after day after day have done to them. You know when we read this laundry list of side effects. It's so clear that position itself is a is a health crisis so I can't imagine somebody trying to defend prostitution through Healthcare Lens in terms of homelessness that is an issue that disproportionately affects women and children right especially when we see high rates of single mothers who are forced into the trade. That's a massive problem and that is why Through the equality model we would have exit strategies in pathways towards getting healthcare getting housing getting education because we are not again and by we. I mean abolitionist. Feminists were against the sex trade so that women can stop getting money this way. And then you're been you're on your own you know. This is what I mean by. We have to look at it as a macro issue. Because that's exactly what it is you know. We don't want women impositions vulnerability right but the sex trade itself is also form of violence and we shouldn't deter vulnerability using violence. It just doesn't make any sense so in terms of homelessness. I do think that we need to organize for for rent. I mean if you ask me personally. I think that housing should be free. Housing is a human right. Those are the things that we should be organizing around Ray. As opposed to organized thing for this extra thing is if we justify one woman in the sex trade so that she can pay her rent then we justify every woman being in the sex trade then every single woman has a dollar sign on her and that furthering the problem that.

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