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Steph curry Tobias Harris led their respective squads. With twenty eight warriors are now thirty two and fourteen and they get back DeMarcus cousins who played his first game at warriors uniform Friday night you played fifteen minutes scored fourteen points grabbed six rebounds, dished out three. Assists was five of eleven from the floor and again good to have boogie cousins. Back warriors beat the clippers. Elsewhere Celtics over the grizzlies one twenty to one sixteen Kyrie Irving at thirty eight point, seven rebounds, and eleven assists. Mike Conley twenty-six in the laws for Memphis. Blake griffin. Thirty two points, eleven rebounds, nine assists, pistons, and they take out the heat in Miami ninety eight ninety three Dwayne Wade at twenty DeAngelis Russell pumped in forty. Nets come from twenty one down in the first half of beat the magic in Orlando. One seventy one fifteen Brooklyn now above five hundred twenty four and twenty three lamarcus Aldridge twenty five points, nine rebounds, four assists, Spurs beat the timber wolves. In Minneapolis, one sixteen one thirteen Donovan Mitchell, a twenty four jazz over the Cavaliers won fifteen ninety-nine Cleveland falls to nine thirty seven on the season. Blazers beat the pelicans one twenty eight one twelve Damian Lillard at twenty four and eight assists. Anthony Davis had twenty seven points and seven rebounds in the loss. All right. College hoops now. Number nineteen Maryland beat Ohio State in Columbus. Seventy five sixty one turps are now sixteen in three number sixteen buffalo now seventeen in one. They took care of eastern Michigan by a dozen seventy seven sixty five and number twenty two billion over the defending champs for fourteen in four. They take out Xavier at home eighty five seventy five. All right to hockey, we go Canadians over the blue jackets four to one Panthers. Three Maple Leafs. One senators get by the hurricanes and Carolina four to one islanders. Shut.

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