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The bus tohp curve i think they call it which says it'll these go to fail it sort of fails are the early on on day one or two or is going to be a long time many years the early failures are the some don't you detail all there's a bit of design and you don't really know till you've built it and then low tested it so don't gone produce on the opening days us for the general ruehe if it makes the opening day it's gonna be fun on day to day three at such a but then after several decades you start to get corrosion you get fatigue cracks will open up at sectoral you'll get material degradation so then it starts become more felt but we do have good bridge inspection regimes for really long bridges the hardest thing is actually keeping it there and in a hurricane or a storm it's all about the windies on is actually quite easy to hold a traffic jam in the afet several kilometers you just need really big cables and so doggone pick bridges in hurricanes i mean they wouldn't be you would be blown off how doesn't engineer like you anticipate and mortal that sort of in aria do you have a computer program that pretends scott the bridge sitting there and can work out all of the forces a bridge would be feeling in said hurricane for example is that how you do this we do it on on the computer and make scale models of it in the will but we not felli sophisticated computational winds lidl's and the real difficulties the wind if you look at the bridge it'll hill the wrong thing we've really need to understand the wind on all the swells and volta ziza on the forces that it creates outta nowhere it makes the bridge move a bit we sang waksal the vortex does a feedback system it is really very complicated if i could because i know how complicated it his i've bottle circuit the that we should be quite so confident that we know what we do in our we are very confident we want wanted a million chance that this is gonna go wrong whereas i sometimes struggle to pull the figures quite so high but because it is really difficult physics lucas things dna do end up meeting changes done life you look at the tate modern bridge in london.

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