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Match at club America the team meet in the quarterfinals at Azteca stadium in Mexico City the return match will be next Wednesday Kennesaw state where W. A. okay weather forecast shows right now it is sixty degrees today you can expect a twenty percent chance of rain with temps topping off at sixty eight on the B. two Cooper infirmary appoints an uneasy told thirteen eighty W. A. okay I think I might have said this already feel traffic lady of the fun food by Imerys Olivas three thirds program get started on the rush hour again usual volume starting to form out there twenty was here in Belize expressly with thirty eight Conyers heading over toward to eighty five you think about thirty five minutes for you there eighty five southbound three sixteen spaghetti junction twenty seven Georgia four hundred yourself battlefield parkway heading down to two eighty five twenty four minutes on the right time I love the all of us research program of calling on you to help researchers learn how to put the right treatments to the right people what they learn can improve health for generations to come visit all of us that Emory dot EDU find out how you can become one in a million I'm simply solar economies and Dr king eighty W. A. okay hiring can be challenging but ziprecruiter makes it fast and easy we talked to see Dylan miss what's needed to hire director of coffee for his company cafe culture we would look through lots of applications for people who are not qualified it definitely felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack so Dylan started using ziprecruiter and found his perfect candidate in a few days super crisp powerful technology identifies people with the right experience and actively invites.

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