Ah, it's a good opportunity for everybody to realize how important a community


A have a pantry full of food. A lot of booze, So I'm good. Are you? Are you masking up? Are you putting on rubber gloves? I'm not going anywhere, so I don't really need to put on the gloves and the mask. I'm seriously not leaving the house. I'm just going to wait until this, you know. Cowered down. It's like life during wartime, you know. Wow, that's a great song. By the way, talking heads, Okay, little side note on you know, I was just thinking I was listening to your show. It's really cool. To have a live local radio station. That's telling people what's happening. And, um and just a lifeline for people to know that there's a there's a sense of normalcy out there somewhere. And that entertainers are willing to entertain during this time, and, uh, it's it's really cool. Ah, it's a good opportunity for everybody to realize how important a community Diedrich thank you for saying that, and the fact is that I've been offered, and I think it's out of compassion. Either that or they want to squeeze me out, pay off my contract and get me out of here. But you know, it's one of two things. He either. The company here is very caring and Oh, yeah, It's probably not that one. But they said I could go home and they would just play reports on what's going on with the virus. Dietrich Bater is the star of a show called American Housewife on ABC. And we need to laugh. But the guy's done tons of stuff. Ah, Batman, The Beverly Hillbillies, Napoleon Dynamite to Miss Congeniality Balls of fury. I love that stupid movie. What else? Office Space Ice age. You've had a good career. Yeah, Been all right. I've been very blessed. Very lucky. You know, it's Ah. I've been at it for 33 years now. It's incredible to think. But yeah, I've been. I've been lucky enough to continue to work and to do the stuff that I love to do. You know, I never won really wanted to be anything else. It was about four or five. When I decided I want to be an actor and so far anyway, it's worked out for me and I'm just very blessed Nam a lot of planning to do. But will any phony corrupt reporter ever asked them about it Monday on the Chris Plante show

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