iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro pre-order results beat iPhone 11 launch, Kuo says

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T.f International Analysts Mingji quo as liking the launch of iphone twelve apple and CIDER has young MC saying sales of Apple's latest line or likely to beat the launch of iphone Eleven Anyway he thinks they will come the first weekend of November. Blistering the release of this year's models iphone twelve, an iphone twelve pro went up for order on Friday iphone twelve many an iphone twelve pro max go up on the sixth of November with only two available over the weekend I'll be at the two that are likely to be. The most popular twelve line is already within striking distance of its predecessor. The way quo figures that apple sold between seven, million and nine million of the twelve and twelve pro combined over the weekend not far off iphone eleven's opening weekend of ten million to twelve million units. According to apple insider quotas not expect the upcoming iphone many and iphone twelve pro Max to match iphone Twelve, twelve pro, but pre orders for the two remaining twenty twenty models could push overall twelve series preorder sales. Toward Super Cycle Heights.

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