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Stats there it has stats the way they lined up and he was really great in the spot and could do a lot of different. The josh before we start ramping up here. The dolphins did sign two other players. As of what was it. I think it was sunday or monday. They announced These guys across dolphins signed to defensive playmakers last week one was cra von leblanc former. Cornerback for the philadelphia. Eagles played well in the slot. They use a name that you know always popped up. When i was watching eagles games for good and bad but you know the bringing him in here what that means again towards the whole signing we don't know and then they brought in griffin and we all know the story about team griffin the how hard he's worked to get to where he is. I love the signing. I think both these guys can you know go out. There be a role special teams but also fill that need in depth. You know whether it be linebacker which came griffin whether he's blitzing or the blank again in a slot i mean he brings another brings more competition that spot in which you know. We don't know who's going to take it over. Is it going to be eggnog. Each job is going to be nickname. Is coleman gonna take that. Sny got leblanc in there. It's a good problem to have and again. If there's anyone that can get the best of these players you have to believe. It's brian floors in this defensive. Coaching staff. I'm just concerned. I didn't get to jazz of about these because it is so close to train can't beginning. I have to wonder if this is the vision. incident may be signing a couple more Undrafted free agents who bring guides who are obviously hard workers. Have a history of you know being dogs. I sense you know. Pg tucker was young. A lot about dogs after the bucks won the nba title. But just maybe for these younger guys. Linebacker corey believe they already have thirteen. Linebackers thirteen quarterbacks on this roster. There's a lot of the depth going around here. I don't know if. I really see a vision for these guys to make the roster but what. I do see a vision. Previews guys to release show up in those preseason games show up during practice and maybe fight for roster spot somewhere else and really showed the younger guys on the bombay dolphins. We know how young team is especially with. All the draft picks. Heavily thank can. It's that veteran work ethic that hopefully might be instilled on some of these guys and keep the moving in the right direction. You wonder how much of this you know they needed to. I think they could go into camp at ninety players. Correct or something like that. So i mean they. They wanted to get to ninety and they saw an opportunity to bring in. You know it's almost like you're playing that. And they had interest in. Melvin ingram you. They had interest some of these other guys. Well now they still roster room to bring these guys and go out there and get the best available free just kind of quote unquote. I mean cra. Von leblanc i mean. He's a guy who again he has. Experience starting Name it don't matter and then scheme griffin i mean again i'm ecstatic just to see what he can do in another chance with miami and with this coaching staff. Because you know again brian. Flora's start as linebackers coach. So that to me is it. But you're right. They might be nothing more than camp bodies than they might be. Nothing more than a veteran presence to again help. Elevate some of that. Other talents so It's going to be a battle here in these next few weeks. Jake i mean we have ninety guys here. We mentioned fourteen receivers. Thirteen db start. You know you can go down the list. They have lots of guys lots of very good players and you hope that somehow someway this finds itself out in the dolphins are competing for the playoffs. You know compete for the postseason like we all hope. You're jumping right into the p. Were the chew. yeah. This is dan beer. I'm tired of dude sick and tired of sick and tired of being sick and tired fair. It is let it a lot josh. It's right it's the season's coming back. It's time to let those feelings go. Let those emotions on august seventeenth for the team can cut down to eighty five players. They can they should they. Will i twenty on august. Twenty four august thirty first. They can cut down to fifty three players again. I say can they will So it's gonna come pretty fast and a couple of different waves of the first practice opened the fans. Is this saturday. At the first practice in paths will be this tuesday josh. We've said it. Before on the show but i mean this is hard you know. We're the a very exciting time of the season especially since the creation of twitter especially in the crash of this twenty four hour news cycle. It makes these practices a lot. More fun it makes the preseason training camp a lot more exciting you know you scroll through your phone a couple of hours each day and i'm really jacked up for the situation. If you guys want to continue on this ride with us you know it was coming. Hit the subscribe by on spotify tunes. Referencing that podcast. I you might think you subscribe since you always see the shows your feed. That isn't always the case so please double check on that one. The more people subscribed the more people find the shows that helps us out quite a bit and again leave us review. That stuff is always great to read puts electric pepper step. And we appreciate it. Josh you tweet all the time you have every single quote that can be found at h. u. t. z. On twitter yet some film out there you got basically everything. Dolphin fans need to be ready for this training camp period. I'm excited for it. I hope you're excited for it. And those net home pope. You are all excited. Most of all year jacomb and this is an exciting time again. We are on twitter. We do this for the reason of going on. There all started because we wanted to know what was going on training camp. Unfortunately i will not be doing zoom meetings like i have in the past but please continue to follow me. I will bring you up to date dolphin information but most importantly please follow my verify. Journalists the number one co host the entire world. Jake mendel at j. m. e. n. d. e. l. Ninety four like. Jake said we're going to bring you podcast after podcasts. All week long. We're gonna try to keep doing these short ones. You know immediately after camp but thank you guys so much for listening to this episode of saiga radio. Dj josh oh part. Espy nations finsider. I'm.

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