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AMY, Gonzaga, Bulldogs discussed on The Bobby Bones Show


We're gonna play Amy versus lunchbox later this morning. We had tug her bathroom. So. Amy three questions that dude's would normally know the answer to three questions, ladies normally know the answer to. Does the best by the way box leading five to one in the game. Amy. What's the typical? Number of lug nuts on a car tire five. She comes quick with five that is correct. I'm just going one of the first things. Then college basketball zag BULLDOGS from what state. Gonzaga. They're normally up there in that bracket thing me. Mhm Zog BULLDOGS. What state? Georgia bulldoze and sorrow Georgia. Two. Where's Gonzaga continues to pronounce it wrong? It's whatever you hard says. Gonzaga. Pronouncing worth. Okay. Okay. They are from what state. I have no idea Washington that correct? Balk stole that one. Amy who were the reigning Super Bowl champions who won the bowl last year? Tom Brady, Tom Brady patriot. And the patriot. I thought he always wanted played he did play, but he lost to the Philadelphia stolen bummer. What's that? Just. I mean, I'm team patriots all the way ago locks you you stole to their. Yeah. What's vox over to you? Flesh toned cosmetic used to cover facial blemishes and dark circles under the eyes is called away conceal her. Avenue. Crush. Often. This is funny because this question purpose this Amanda, Siegfried one. It wasn't met her Kennedy Center honors. Amanda, see free turns thirty three years old today. What musical does she star in that featured songs by the group Abba?.

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