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Midday live dr mike catherwood talk radio seven ninety k a b c o got a lot going on johnstone soul sossio talking about gaming add political polls john stoskopf after the news break with jeff whittle alexis gut jokes what is the pilots favorite in them art van civil so much elite also has skills and kabc is one of them just say i like that enable the hey the am here's abc los angeles orange county a cumulus things abc news live and local at one o'clock i'm geoff whittle a man was shot and critically wounded by an fbi agent in sudden bali around by forty this morning lapd officers and fbi agents were serving a search warrant in the ten thousand three hundred block of horse haven street when the shooting occurred no law enforcement officers were injured and no information has been released about the nature of the search warrant and l a superior court judge said today more information is needed before a court can decide which county needs to decide the probate issues involving mass murderer charles manson and who's entitled to obtain his remains so a hearing on both issues will take place january twenty six the judge will ultimately decide if the probate preceding should take place here in la county where manson once lived in kings county where he was imprisoned before his death orrin kern county where he died in november at the age of eighty three former manson pen pal michael channels and manson's grandson jason freeman are both trying to obtain control of the killers remains classes are in session today at saint lucy's priory high school in glendora despite an unspecified threat made against the school friday parents were told about that threat by email yesterday an extra police and detectives are on campus today along with regular school police officers the la county sheriff's department is just announced mandatory evacuation for the k goel canyon lopez canyon and a little too hunga canyon areas due to their susceptibility to mudslides because of the recent wildfires now that.

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