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Demonstrators gather in fountain square and in cities across America last night going for the impeachment of the president rallies held all over the country in advance of today's historic vote in the house after procedural vote house members will get one last chance to debate articles of impeachment for six hours with time equally split between parties the final vote will be held immediately after and is expected to pass along party lines with even many moderate Democrats from from swing districts coming out in support of impeachment in a deliberate here at ABC news on Capitol Hill the debate today and the vote covered for you throughout the day on news radio seven of them build up on the latest traffic and weather together from the UC help traffic center you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care and outstanding pace and experiences as Brian mentioned at the top of the news casts an accident on the northbound seventy five has lanes blocked on both sides of the highway at one point this is just above the Walton exit man just above the merch from seventy one good one point all wings on the northbound side are blocked off or were blocked off now traffic is getting by on the far right shoulder it still makes for a very slow go the same is true on southbound seventy five traffic only getting by on the right shoulder because of debris from that accident and the barrier wall in between there's going to have to be repairs made once the record is clear and there are no where close to clearing that accident as of yet Chuck Ingram newsradio seven hundred WLW south of ladies.

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