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Hi I'm Vanessa Richardson. I'm Greg Poulsen, and this is secret societies of spotify original from podcast. Every Thursday. We examine history's most exclusive organizations from around the world and try to shine a light on these mysterious groups from the aluminum to the order of nine angles will explore how much impact each secret society actually had on the world around them. This is our first episode on the order of Nine Angles a prominent occult group based in the United Kingdom Mixing Traditional Satanism with Neo, nazism and witchcraft. The group is rumored to have outposts in Europe North America and other continents. This week will look at the origins of the order of nine angles and explore their bizarre beliefs and practices will also investigate their leader a mysterious Anton Long. Next. Week will delve into the organizations legacy around the world will discuss some of the group's members who have been accused of planning terrorist activities and committing murders. Finally, we'll look at how the group has reinvented itself in the age of social media. We have all that and more coming up stay with us. The order of nine angles also called the Owen. A was founded in the nineteen sixties when three neo pagan covens combined in England. Little is known about these groups except that their members worshipped a malevolent goddess and answered to an enigmatic grand mistress. Then at some point in the early seventies, this mysterious woman left the area and moved to Australia paving the way for a new leader to emerge. However many the story surrounding these early days of the Owen a have the ring of mythology. In truth, it's possible. Maybe even likely that the grand mistress and her covens never existed as many sources don't even mention her. Instead researchers suggest that a man known as Anton Long may have actually started the order of nine angles. Some sources state that long fathered a child with the grand mistress of the order before she decamped to. Australia. Whether long founded the O A or was simply an early member by the nineteen seventies heat emerged as the group's leader. Unfortunately, that's where specific details about long Peter out is exact identity remains unknown. Some people believe that long was simply a pseudonym that was used by various Owen a leaders over the years. Others assert that he was the alter ego of well-known British Neo Nazi and occultist David Miot. Miot has steadfastly denied being Anton long even to the point of threatening violence but an analysis of his philosophy and an understanding of his history has led many academics to conclude that long and my it are one in the same for the purposes of this episode will assume that they're right. David Maya was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred fifty and grew up in the Modern Day African nation of Tanzania where his father was a civil servant. Miami also spent part of his Childhood in Singapore there he studied mysticism and martial arts in addition to these varied subjects might loved history especially stories about ancient Sparta. He liked learning about the civilizations, warriors and their regimented disciplined lives coming of age during the early years of manned spaceflight might also developed an interest in physics and astronomy. He came to believe that humanity's destiny lay in colonizing the stars. By his teenage years, Miot had begun to mix all of his various interests together. If there was any hope for humanity to establish the Galactic Empire he dreamed of, he believed that people had to return to the noble austere lifestyle of warriors like the ancient spartans he admired in other words, Miot thought that human beings needed to evolve beyond their present status as pampered weaklings. My, it wasn't done adding to his diverse brew of influences either in nineteen sixty seven, he travelled to England to finish his schooling. Their Maya developed an interest in Alchemy the occult finding them compatible with his ideas about strengthening human consciousness. In pursuit of this Maya join several secret groups that practiced ritual magic hoping this would teach him how to summon demons and other dark forces. It was during this time that might discover the writings of the nineteenth century German philosopher Friedrich. Nietzsche. Nietzsche was well known for his theory of the Uber Mench a superhuman state that he believed all people should aspire to among other things Nietzsche talk that an Uber Manche would move beyond the need for religion by finding meaning in the everyday world. In the nineteen thirties, his ideas were co opted by the Nazi party in Germany as a model for the ideal. Arianne. This racist interpretation of Nietzsche's Uber Mench drew my its interest the most. In nineteen, sixty nine, he witnessed a street fight between skinheads and left-wing protesters watching the violence play out my it immediately felt an affinity with the skinheads viewing them as Noble Nici and warriors fighting against powerful establishment enemies. Inspired Maya joined to Neo Nazi crew called the British Movement of this club. He would later state to me Adolf Hitler and his movement seemed to embody some of the ideals I believed. Magic should achieve. They seem to represent a satanic spirit in urge to conquer. Perhaps, in pursuit of this urge to conquer, it became more politically involved in the early seventies. He wrote treatises attended protests and gave political speeches on behalf of the British movement, and then for his own far right hate group the National Democratic Freedom Movement in addition he continued his exploration of Magic and the occult according to some scholars. This is how miot I stumbled across the order of nine angles. According to its own legends the Owen emerged in an area of western England, known as the Welsh marches in the prehistoric past it was populated by native Britons whose ancestors came to England during the Ice Age. In the intervening Millennia, however, several tribes carved out their own territories and set up altars to worship there many disparate God's. One of these deities was a violent and sinister goddess after Christianity began to replace the ancient pagan religions of the native Britons. A members believed that worship of this unnamed deity continued in secret with devotees passing her rituals down through the generations at some point in these years, the order of nine angles allegedly sprang out of this tradition. In nineteen seventy-three Miot met the woman who is leading Owen A and was initiated into the group soon, after might was writing for the order under the pseudonym Anton. Long. He might have chosen this monitor because of its similarity to the name of the.

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