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Well once again Matt Ritter it is bundle up Absolutely But at least we don't have the wind as much anymore Clear skies for this evening with those diminishing winds temperatures are taking a tumble and the rural areas are going to get down into the lower teens especially some of those spots out west that still have a snow pack Inside the beltway and the bigger cities those will be in the low 20s but no windshield with the calmer winds It'll be sunny for tomorrow like it was today and it's going to be cold like it was today but we're not going to have the wind High temperatures in the low to mid 30s may actually feel a whole lot milder to some folks As we head into Friday cloudy skies a mixture of rain and some sleep will be arriving in the afternoon Very light stuff is that storm system we're tracking starts to affect us High temperatures are going to be the mid 30s in your 40s So we're going to be above freezing at the start of the event We'll cool down the atmosphere and then that light wintry mix of rain and sleep will change over to light snow in the evening and continue into the night The snow will be ending by early afternoon on Saturday right now we're thinking just a few inches of accumulation But the important is we do have to track to the last minute where that storm system is going to be redeveloping off the eastern seaboard If it forms far enough to the south we could get some additional snow into the day on Sunday Right now that doesn't look very likely It looks like the storms can redevelop too far to the north and to the east which would put the higher numbers in the higher impacts a little closer to the coast But it's still something we'll have to monitor all the way into Friday night Now Saturday's highs will be in the mid 20s to low 30s 24° of camp springs right now 27 in manassas in 28 at Washington recognition Thank you Matt brought to you by new look home design call now for a free same.

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