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Such a young age, its box office off isn't it? Was a joke made in the JALEN press. If you want to get into Dortmund's attacking line-up then you have to be twenty all-rounder. So. It's it's incredible. I remember seeing anything like it. So many plays going forward who really bring you to the edge of your seat. and. I think it's a you've got a brilliant site in to watch him by Munich right now. But this Dortmund side are going to be a lot of fun to watch this season I. think that's one of the most encouraging things is that this is all happening at the start of the season and it just fills you with so much promise was to come if this was a movie, I would suggest that Dortmund and a youngster very much the good guys, and then you'll have by Munich very much on the dark side because the be fully. We against Shoka this same who take no prisoners and we'll just keep going and they scores many goals they can. R.I.P, your mentions from buying vans. God. Came me. I have to say though this by inside I, just just a football point of August there in the stadium on Friday and was enjoying watching this team so much the flat, the enjoyment that they're having right now you saw it with that one move in the first half when Thomas Mullet dummied and Saturday. NAB RETOOK FIRST TIME TOUCH PASTA Xiaoqing defender.

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