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Of our time together yawn the business you had to make the rules yeah okay i you and i've asked they disagree on that because in this case i don't think it's about a rule like show up for practice in the morning this is a very nuanced and complex discussion about how do we alleviate the pain that our employees and teammates and and players are going through in an age when our sport is being criticized left and right for things that are much more difficult to fix right you're changing all of the rules of the game in order to help along with stuff like c t e ben ryan shazier injuries and potential life changing injuries and you're you're you're willing to change rules for that which i agree with and think is necessary but also think about the ways in which the everyday aches and pains and lifelong challenges that are faced by these players could be alleviated by something as simple as saying this is no longer priority when we test they don't test for h g h right they've they've already decided that they're going to pick their battles when it comes to perform enhancers easier but easier to pick your battles on new drugs than to change your existing battles in the in the in the quarter perception right and that's part of that gets the fans and so we'll get to that next is it the reaction of fans that's keeping marijuana from being used medicinally in the nfl are they worried about the fingerwagging fans who have not evolved where a lot of others have on the issue of medical marijuana and is it worth it then to restrict what their players from it if it's for the sake of fans we'll get your opinions eight say espn eight seven to nine three seven seven six spain and fitz on espn radio spain and fits what exactly is the nfl thinking when they decide to continue not wanting to advance discussions on medical marijuana for its players.

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