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Okay they have been criticized by senior labour figures including shadow home secretary Diane Abbott who said the boxes are a crude offensive and probably expensive campaign M. P. David Lammy also asked on Twitter is this some kind of joke why have you chosen chicken shops to do this what's next Nike free watermelons mmhm well police the minister kit mall house said that they will bring home to young people the tragic consequences of carrying a knife and challenge the idea that it makes you safer he added the government is doing everything it can do to tackle the senseless violence that is traumatizing communities in claiming to many young lives including bolstering the police ranks with twenty thousand new police officers on our streets okay and that's a bad thing I guess to add please yeah I guess so that's that's where you are going in them and we're going to Great Britain yeah it's really a become a parity was couple years ago will re we we couldn't believe it on Twitter one night we thought it was a joke and we actually looked it up in a wasn't it was a a town in Great Britain where they had confiscated all of these dangerous weapons yes and it wasn't a joke it wasn't a parity help yes it looked like a tool box screwdrivers hammers and we took these dangerous weapons off the street well and that was you know the again the the idea that it's the inanimate object it's got the I mean that really was like a parody was it was like a joke it was like reading something from the onion or Babylon BC yeah look at these screwdrivers we got it out of the hands of harden screwdriver criminals I mean seriously it's just it's it's ludicrous it's crazy but that's the effort we must stop it well I mean to what extent what what would be next eight would be I guess blunt objects so I mean imagine the gangs in in the UK start using the blunt objects right well we're gonna van rocks we're gonna ban every blunt object because they refused to pull weeks why is that what is a society that refuses to leasing it basically gives deference to the actual people who were intent on hurting others I don't know when we had talked about this you know a couple weeks ago with Baltimore we said the the differences you cannot doesn't matter how many opportunities owns you have if a community does not feel safe people and businesses will not thrive there that's it right end of story if and especially now in twenty nineteen with the communications that we have there has to be a relationship and a trust between the police and the people in a community but you only gain that trust after you get rid of the extreme violent crime that has happened in these communities you have to have much more aggressive policing in those areas until you clean up the extreme violent crime that exists there and build a culture where that is unacceptable right yeah then you can go back to a lot of normal policing that you see in most areas because the trust is only build up after you get out the harden cried yes once you've done the job you're building that trust and then you you get that added benefit of that trust from the community that things are good land and that that that the that authorities are doing their job and that their neighborhood safe and if police can do their job then they're not going to do that job and in all likelihood they're not going to be pleasant to be around either no no that's just the reality and neither will the people in that community right well I know you saw yesterday in Philadelphia saw the taunts of hauntings right right I mean that's like something out of a movie actually watch the movie awhile back was several months ago but it was something like that where the police showed up and they were all they were looking to do is question someone right in this movie and of course you have a number of people like they came over and then all of sudden started you know taunting them and everything else I can't imagine trying to do that job in that case they were just serving a war well how do you how dare you have a presence here that goes on every day that goes on everyday thank goodness it's not every day that you see you see the kind of dangerous situation that we saw play out the other day that that it doesn't go to that extent but that danger that risk is present every day I can imagine I really can't I just can't imagine eight six six ninety right I let's said do you what we got some calls we talked earlier about the NFL and and JZ now was saying that the kneeling is over we go to Gary in Toledo Ohio Gary welcome urine by radio welcome to the show Gary good morning Jim all the yellow to yellow bill which I do normally keeps me awake and I like that part thanks one of the wanted to say that John Carter AJ Jay Z. is one of the most prolific capitalistic black men in America and I actually commendable what he's doing because he sees on an opportunity to take control of the narrative now there's none left is not going to like it we know that but here's the thing they can't keep chopping off their nose to spite their face I mean they want everybody to stand in line for a handout well if you cut off all of society's money what about government broke it is time to take I don't know how many leftists liberals are in this society but I believe there are more capitalist in this is not a been there are liberal and they cannot survive if we unify so this is a golden opportunity to teach people to go back to work they could sit around waiting on a hand out why don't know where to go because we're getting a little bit off the topic of of the of the specific protest and the and the NY leans in in the in the NFL thanks I think of the far left though which controls the Democratic Party the fact that if you say that he's a capitalist will work against yeah that that's it it works for those of us who are already converted yeah the you're preaching to the converted already Gerry the Gerry the caller it is certainly I'm AZ are a great hope that half of that he could control the narrative and and and convince people to get back too I don't know whatever they were supposed to be doing work or whatever it is and being a productive society but but honestly that is that is was wishful thinking I think nothing more special will come so far let the far left doesn't care they don't care who you are this is the far left is preaching that no no no no no people like in fact it was a poor choice for many reasons you know Jay Z. became a billionaire if you look all this at all the stuff you know that that that he's you know involved in I mean do you know that the the wealth that he said that he has actually don't knows if he's actually qualifies as a billionaire but in this guy's worth you know hundreds of millions of dollars and if you look at everything that is involved in for the left today for the twenty nineteen AOC left he's part of the problem yeah Hey we may listen to your music you know what if you wanna have a real discussion why do you have so much wealth and other people suffer so he's probably the last person that they would want as a spokesperson and again we're talking about the act was left well our spokesperson to explain Colin Kaepernick yes yes a spokesperson two eggs you know because Jay Z. probably has its own private police force when it comes to security you can bet it's solid and so an armed and arm so the fact of the matter is and and I'm guessing any of us homes qualify as a small city and likely qualify they have their home congressman so I have a measure but that he could be you know well you know I'm from from what I heard he may finance the president buying Greenland her hair and he could but that's the you know I I I think it is wishful thinking and it would be great if it were to come true but would also be great if I could walk outside and and take money off of a tree and we could all do that without the valuing the actual money it would just come out of no where it is just it's just wishful thinking it's not not gonna happen eight six six ninety eight right I.

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