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Exactly so he always comes in and he takes this dog shit of club and he gets them just just over that line and the expectations of those dog shit clubs that have not ever sorry sorry sorry sorry the crystal palace the freudian slips the sunderland's and so those expectations are justice revived get to that next season and everton's expectations is seventh eighth place fighting for that recognition and surviving he's not thriving so he survived but he ain't draw naive thrive on that calls for another beer cheers shit yeah i feel like ever evertonians the top or at a very we feel like that's like a boston accent thing i'm going to face these taffy see salt taffy that short taffy mocking mock the bruins the fuck it bruins tom brady and i'm really excited for hockey playoffs start off hockey okay fuck you because the rangers rangers and make it go flyers this is a soccer podcast right okay anyway japan's are really big pickle 'cause they're like all right like he's going to save us because they were looking like they're going to be like not relegated but i mean there so people like villa got really like yeah i'd be like liverpool just i mean going to big sam like really closing down liverpool and letting up a goal because that's really hard i mean look at man city it's really hard up goals and i think the man city defense is arguably better i mean by paycheck yeah whenever countries should be so kudos goes the big sam he pulled off and got a draw i was expecting blow out so that's a win for big sam in my opinion i think it's one forever ten fans as because liverpool is a different beast than especially gets pretend they they usually just dominate the shit album so good good draw for everton and i'm sure the liverpool fans will be kind of okay with this draw because they did just be manchester city in the champions league and that's his.

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