President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Hanna Barbera discussed on Todd Schnitt


After alert here. The Roger stone raid this morning, President Trump and the announcement from the rose garden just a short time ago. Again, we are on a treadmill every single day on a steep incline running. It's it's we we have no time to stop and breathe here. Let me be very very clear as we launched the show today if anyone. If anyone tells you. That Trump did not cave. If anyone tries to tell you, otherwise, then they're banking on you being a total moron a total complete idiot and imbecile that will believe anything that is shoved down your throat or force fed to you or whatever. This was a cave. The president has caved. He got nothing zero Nancy Pelosi said open the government. And then we'll talk Trump said give me some money. Gimme a down payment. I'll open the government. And we can they go further. He got nothing. The president got absolutely nothing. In fact, I was reminded of a mid nineteen seventies. Or so a Hanna Barbera cartoon. And in fact, I've labeled already I tweeted this out. I've dubbed Trump today. Captain k..

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