The Sovereignty of God in Elections (Proverbs 21:1)


Proverbs chapter. Twenty one verse one. The. King's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord. He turns it wherever he will. What verse I listened then I'm Gonna I'm GonNa read that one more time. The King's heart the heart of the king heart of a ruler in country leader in a country. The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord. He turns it. Wherever, he will. Like is there any clear statement? Of the sovereignty of God, the Authority of God, the reign and rule of God as King over all kings, all leaders, all rulers in the world you'd think about any leader in the world picture their heart, and it's in the hands of the Lord is this nut confidence giving? To know that ultimately. Alternately, every leader is under the sovereignty of God, the rule and the reign of God even leaders who defy God he holds their hearts in his hands and just think about how this leads us to pray. For our current leaders. In different countries and future leaders. This proverbs leads us to praise God for his sovereignty and to pray that God would turn their hearts and their lives for the good of many people in ultimately for the glory of his name. This proverb drives us to intercession for those who lead us to pray and bleed for the hearts of those who lead us. We're talking to the God who holds their hearts in his hands and God has called us to pray according to his words. So let's do this God, we come to here we come straight to you the blood of Jesus. Christ. We pray for this privilege of prayer. You've given us for access to you the fact that right now we're not saying words. Are, just kind of going up into the air that you the Lord King sovereign over all the universe are listening to us right now and we're praying for our leaders. God We pray for current leaders for future leaders in our countries? And specifically here in the United. States the middle of a presidential election we pray for our current leaders in any new future leaders God we pray that you turn their hearts and lives. For the good of people in our country for the glory of your name. God We pray that you would save them God re pray for the salvation a leaders gallery pray that you would direct them and ways that lead to good to your good purposes for government for your protection of people for the promotion of good in every way in our country's. God We pray for that and for protection against evil in our countries that are countries would do what is right in your eyes as we've seen judges God, we pray for our leaders got a replay in the United States for president trump and vice president pence and speaker. Pelosi, and other other leaders all throughout our national federal government we pray for different governors. State leaders local leaders in government God re pray that you would turn their hearts and lives for the good of people in the glory of your name. Please God we pray that you would do that and we pray for future leaders whoever will lead us in the future and repair to help us to vote according to your leadership at Gallery pray guttering pray. You turn the hearts of future leaders. For the good of our country and the people in it glory your name not according to what is right in our eyes but according to what is right in your eyes and God we pray for leaders around the world like this GonNa replay knowing that the Thai king his heart is in your hand. So we pray that you would move turn his heart for the glory of your name and the good of the people of Thailand gotta we. We pray for leaders in Turkey and Russia and Syria reprieve for leaders in. Azerbaijan. Amidst conflict there got reprieve for leaders in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Amidst the conflict there go through got turn the hearts of leaders re pray that peace might reign that people might be saved like their lives saved physically people might turn to you for the spread of the Gospel in these countries we pray for leaders in Yemen amidst conflict there. God. Repay for peace in Yemen God turn the arts of leaders toe that peace might reign and people might be protected in Yemen God we pray for a new president coming into power in Kirghistan their president stepped down amidst political unrest cowdery for leaders in all over Europe and unique challenges that we're seeing. Countries in Europe facing God. We we pray for world leaders. A. Replay for. Kim Jong UN, and North Korea. please. Please turn as heart we pray for the good of the North Korean people. Repression for the privilege you've given us of. Intercession coming to you the sovereign. Lord and King holds these leaders in the palm of your hand turn their arts for the good of many in the glory of your name we pray. And we pray we pray for this leaders around the world and in leaders in our own country. Even as we pray that, you would turn our hearts daily toward you in to live according to your word. To, love you all our heart and the love our neighbors as ourselves. God. We were so thankful that you are the sovereign king overall and we say together today all of our trust and all of our hope is in you we praise you as our king. Jesus you are our king and repair all of this in your name.

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