Self-Care Meditation


This is from channel. She says. Thank you for the podcast. It has been like a source of therapy for me for many months. As I recently ended a long term relationship. I felt lost and ungrounded. Who I was anymore. Slowly Day by day sitting down to meditate. I began to sense. My true self again. I'm feeling better I'm feeling stronger than ever before and I know it's because of my meditation ritual I even see gifts and the pain I endured. I, know this is also because. I decided to approach my healing journey through meditation. Thank you for what you do and no I'm there listening everyday. Will thank you. For, sharing, your journey agent Al.. I, know that this series in particular will mean a lot to you. With Your eyes closed begin to notice where you harbor tension in your body today. Keeping. Your spine straight. Gently lift your is. This uplift shirt bots. Brie then to tension, you may feel. Nowadays the them and flow of your breath. Reflect on your challenge this week. Was One thing you're going to do for yourself today. To be kind to yourself. I want to share with you a quote. By the American author. Bruni Brown who's written so many books. On confidence and self care. She says. Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. As you get ready to repeat. Today's affirmation. Consider how you will repeat. The affirmation in a loving way for yourself.

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