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Will be looking to the imminent return of the domestic football season and all of its attendant frustrations disappointments in full storms. I'm sticking to my own little tottenham world where i can believe again after an unexpected win. Then experience wobble once reality catches up with defeat snatch from the proverbial jaws and then probably around christmas time wallow in self pity when the wheels come right off the lily. White bus we are talking and we failure glorious anding laureus every single season. That's a record that no international team even england can come close to matching for monaco. I'm tom edwards pint. Every instant that's autumn edwards air. You're listening to the globalist on monocle. Twenty four. let's have a look at today's newspapers. Now emily is is program coordinator of peace mediation at eighty her in zurich and a regular voice on monocle twenty four. Good morning emily very well. Thank you But no quite perhaps as well as some people who did rather well out of the pandemic that's according to. The first story wants to talk about today the financial times. That's right so on. Its front page Financial times today reports that more than Five million people have become millionaires during the pandemic so we of course often talk about the doom and gloom when he comes to the economy during the pandemic but a reason report by credit. Suisse founded five point two million so really. The equivalent of the population of finland became a us dollar millionaires last year. And the number of those worth at least fifty million went up by almost a quarters around twenty five percent last year while at the same time. almost three billion people or intimidate percentages around fifty. Five percent of all adults had less than ten thousand in assets so the share of global wealth held by the wealthiest grew Last year in wealth differences between adults and globally but also in most countries included in this report. And is there any explanation as to why this happened. So the article points to essentially central banks having flooded the market with cheap money and as the core costs of this And of course the cheaper money in the market has led to rises in asset prides prices which has led to increases in Property valuations which again has contributed to increasing net worth among households and. How much concern is that. This is going to exacerbate a desire divide did exist certainly before the pandemic well. This is a long-term trend so again At the same report notes that since the beginning of the millennium so two thousand million share of the global wealth has risen from thirty five percent to forty six percent last year so again this is a long term trend and of course if addressed it can lead to greater social cleavages. Let's move onto a story from el comercio in peru. We have an astonishing situation. Now at the country went to the polls in think it was the beginning of june. Didn't they to elect a new president and the first of several in the last couple of i wonder whether it's seven or maybe i'm incorrect. The it's lot and we still have no president and we still have an awful lot of legal wrangling gang. Exactly and i've lost count as well. myself But so the elections were held on on june sixth not too long ago And his or the biggest newspaper coming out of lima reports today That the national jury of elections. Which is the autonomous constitutional organ in charge of reviewing elections results will start holding their public hearings today. to respond or review the appeals put forth by keiko fujimori The fire right rival. Who narrowly lost the election on june six to peta castio by just the margin of around forty four thousand votes and she's employed The most expensive law firms in lima with an attempt to squash around two hundred thousand votes of course mostly in poor regions That overwhelmingly voted for custody. Oh and it's expected to last quite a while to review an the outcome hopefully Will come at relatively soon nonetheless. And and the body can declare custody S the winner of the elections. So it's unlikely. The for jim moret will be accepted in her appeal. Contesting the results from a position of a real disadvantage. There were given the fact that she faces fraud chief. She races Tremendous amount of legal difficulties. Well she dawson and energy spin jail before and and and she's tried to make it to The president's office three times now is the third attempt And what's a bit worrying an and again we don't know the final outcome again and she's lawyered up so who knows what will come out of these proceedings But the worrying trend Is that the rhetoric in county has become relatively ethnicize and regionalized and especially on social media. You have worrying racist tendencies Visibly the constituents of castilla who understandably are from the poor parts of peru with the majority of indigenous population and this has gone to the extent that michelle bachelet so the u n high commissioner for human rights also. The former president of tsinghua has had to repudiate. All hates speech and encourage purview peruvians to accept the election result right. Let's move onto the guardian. It is a month today. Thank the tokyo. Tokyo olympics are expected to begin. There are tremendous difficulties that are being faced in the middle of a pandemic one of the accusations. It has been limited. The organizers is a preferential treatment has been given to to people attending the event. There are not that many at one of that includes the sale of alcohol. That's right so exactly one month from now. will start the olympic games on july twenty third And it's just being reported by the guardian and other that the organize were forced to Banned the sale of alcohol at the olympic venues after rather widespread public outcry So they had been some movement to allow a limited sale of alcohol at venues. A partially under pressure by asahi breweries one of the key sponsors of the games But because this was would be very much In contradiction with Policies more broadly in tokyo There was a lot of public outcry And and and this move had to be Halted so for instance just last week in the full state of emergency was lifted in tokyo and tokyo residents were given rather strict rules in terms of alcohol consumptions so they're allowed to drink alcohol alone or with one person for up to ninety minutes between eleven in the morning and seven o'clock in the evening so this would have been really a contradiction when it comes to policies in there being previous Complains also when it comes to attendance at the public Venues during the game so It's a proposed be at fifty percent of venues capacity or maximum. Ten thousand.

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