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Thanks for how everybody and welcome to. We say things episode one nineteen suns fan here with senator and we have a very special guest purge. Hello hello gratings. Purge greetings I'm not sure if you're an avid. We say things watcher slash listener but this is going to be the most awkward part of the episode where we give shout outs where patrons and you just sit here silently listening and judging games perfect because i really need to change my headset battery and i thought there was like an awkward moment whereas really important for me to hear what you said go ahead. Oh great senator in. are you ready. You do all of them today show great. Thanks for making me. Do all the work as usual. So thank you to gwynn the okay ish lord of candles. Heroin horse is the greatest third position dough to player in the world disco farm d mikula at ti. Mark my words. Ps love the esl cast. Thank you. He's only talking to me since centers not reading it out vincent. Dark see all right. Purchase back and only missed four names. This is perfect mediocre. Night are torius and his good boy. Sift the sword dog semper pie hakuna. Matata the guy in the chair. Esquire lucas frankel commander donut. I'm playing position five. Irl bread sheeran banzai. Wiseguy chicken potpie truecar. Playing against wiring online is so shitty. His second spell should be called sphinx. Blast the mega pope. It's time to rhyme the lime of crime time to water elephants. ti in new zealand. Halfway done xavier nikko. Zero and croat's bacon truckdriver falls asleep while driving. Crashes into an oak tree wakes up in icebox defending beast site alone. That's valent reference. Thank you for that. Oh if i may sides a little bit more difficult to defend personally Shark tm onion the dog. Novi panda dopp. Chauzac in japanese is ni ni ni coup as. I'm half japanese nothing to see here. Underscore man ben broom had really wanted them to give back dooms. Hp devour now. He's depressant is ice frogs fault saj pitch-black would an aftertaste done talk anonymous buying my friendship with suns fan for thirty dollars a month. Well done peter. Male giraffes take a mouth full of the females urine to determine if she'd be a good mate niebling..

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