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And emotion with each breath by the final day when i detected the bitter orange peel of neurology with the long gray line. The sun speckled dots above. I felt the underpinnings of something that had long been foreign confidence confidence in my nose and in my brain today sixteen years after i lost and then regained my sense of smell. I work as editor in chief of america's test kitchen kits. I don't cook for a living. But i think about food and cooking and how to teach kids about them both every day. I can spell just about everything again. I don't think i could pick out the bitter orange enrolling. I'm not even sure. I could recognize the scent of neurology at this point. It's been a while but it doesn't matter that's for sure because smell is so important to so many parts of life but particularly for flavor in cooking as part of my job now we like to teach kids about the power of sentence one of my favorite ways to do this with jelly beans. Jelly beans especially jelly bellies. Have very strong in very specific flavors. Which you can only perceive through smell all right. Are you holding your nose. Can you say something it sound like. That's my daughter olive. She's four years old. I asked her to hold her nose so she wouldn't be able to smell while she chewed a jelly bean. So hold your nose tight. Stick the jelly bean in your mouth and chew on hold kato florida's. I asked her to remove her hand in breathing deeply as she continued to chew allowing herself to suddenly once against smell as she ain't the flavor is now what is it. Quit you're right. I've been talking with olives. And she was able to stand at the counter. I've tried to teach her to pay attention to her nose. Now very important does. She does have a bit of a one track. Mind was your favorite. smells talk. and i'll admit her diaper smell. The l little bit like almond croissants. Thanks to molly birnbaum for bringing us the story. Mali's book about the sense of smell and her experience is called seasoned to taste how i lost my sense of smell and found my way. And be sure to check out molly's fund podcasts from america's test kitchen kids called mystery recipe. If you like proof be sure to subscribe wherever you listen. So you'll get new episodes as soon as they drop. And while you're there why not leave us rating or write us a review. It really helps other people. Find the show. Proof is hosted and produced by me. Bridget lancaster our executive producer is caitlin kelleher. Yumi iraqi is our senior producer. Caroline record is our producer. Terence johnson is our associate producer scoring sound design and mixing by pointing and on jessica of ultraviolet audio. Brian campbell of signal sounds composed our theme music additional music by kyle forester and jordan pearson post production. Supervisor is our line producer is diane knocks fact checking an additional research by angela yang. Jack bishop is the chief creative officer of america's test kitchen david nussbaum is our ceo. Thanks again to our sponsors. Pete and jerry's bitcoin. Tv oxo mango board. Edible and six the salmon shares proof is a production of america's test kitchen..

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