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Chris samba WBZ Boston's news radio the president has promised to reduce the number of refugees resettling in the U. S. but the idea is getting resistance from some of his fellow Republicans refugees are defined as people fleeing violence or civil war or persecution based on religion race or ethnicity in their home countries president trump has said he wants to cap the number allowed into the U. S. at eighteen thousand a year but he's given states and municipalities the authority to opt out of accepting refugees so far every governor has said yes to allow new comers including eleven who support the administration's policies on immigration Jim wrong at ABC news nine oh three times the traffic and weather together the super retailers of knowing when all wheel drive traffic on the three yeah thanks medicine you know we've got some delays on the expressway otherwise it's good out there this Christmas Eve south on the expressway crawling furnace brook parkway down into Braintree crash right at the Braintree split clearing away soon the northbound side fine if you're coming into the city tonight three is an easy ride Braintree Donna Duxbury the lower ends of one twenty eight and ninety three are also doing well up to the north it's pretty quiet just the way you like it or ones wide open the past landfills parkway the upper and one twenty eight's good to go wall them up into Lindfield routes three ninety three and ninety five north are all clear up into southern New Hampshire nice and quiet downtown to the lower deck of ninety three has been good all day still is the lever down ramp in the Tobin bridge are wide open straw drive looks good both ways it can more square and all the airport totals are fine out west of the city not much happening the mass pike so carrying a light volume all the way out past four ninety five routes to at nine in decent shape as well my king WBZ's twenty four hour traffic network and out of the four day WBZ accu weather forecast here's Dave Bowers mainly clear skies tonight a low in the low twenties inland bout thirty downtown Christmas.

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