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The ball in their hand. And you're going to see three, four running backs play for us throughout the year and obviously if one gets the hot hand and will continue to ride them as he continues to deliver and be productive. But the thing that jumps out most about Roman is his ability to play without the football, the passing aim, the protection of our quarterback when we need to have that done. Terfs battle buffalo, Saturday, James Madison meets middle Tennessee and their FBS debut. Read more about the dukes of the world. They left behind on the sports page at WTO P dot com. Dave Preston WTO sports. Checking the top stories we're following this hour and FBI investigation into the presence of top secret information at Mar-a-Lago is zeroing in on the question of whether former president Trump's team obstructed the probe. The allegation that could pose the most direct legal threat to the former president and those in his orbit, Justice Department officials have historically regarded obstruction as a factor that tilts in favor of bringing criminal charges and investigations that involve the mishandling of classified information. President Biden will deliver a prime time speech tonight from independence mall in Philadelphia on what he calls a battle for the soul of the nation that speech begins at 8 p.m.. In the early years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states saw significant increases in the number of students held back to repeat grades. 24 of 28 states surveyed had increases, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Delaware saw retention more than double. Stay with WTO more on these stories in minutes. Some new details about a deadly shooting on Tuesday in the high level of valley area of fairfax county. Police say 21 year old damari Norris of Alexandria was found with gunshot wounds near the Mount Vernon square apartments. He later died at a hospital. 22 year old Francisco Juarez also from Alexandria has been charged in his death. Juarez was held down by a good Samaritan until police arrived. Two guns were recovered. Walrus is being held without bond and investigators are still working to determine what led to that shooting. Coming up in money news. The Dow is down more than 250 points, Amazon is cutting hundreds of Maryland jobs. I'm Jeff claymore. It's ten 18. We have traffic

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