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In guaranteed loans which is far greater than we would have ever thought at this time the mayor of an Illinois suburb of St Louis ordered police to crack down on stay at home scofflaws one turned out to be the mayor's why if Alton Illinois mayor Brant Walker says police called in this weekend to inform him they arrested several people at a local night spot who were in violation of the stay at home order they also told him one of the people they cited was his wife Walker says he told them to treat his wife as anyone else that you should receive no special treatment in a statement later mayor Walker said his wife is an adult capable of making her own decisions and in this case she made a stunning lack of judgment A. B. C.'s can't Martin Richard Cantu ABC news more than projected democratic nominee for president had hoped for a discussion with the sitting president's hands Joe Biden's wish comes true he gets a chance to speak directly with president trump about the global pandemic afterwards she was very complimentary about my position within this primary and and we both agreed we wouldn't go into detail but we do acknowledge that we talk to one another and that if I had more suggestions or if you want to call me he could former vice president is offering up his suggestions while at work in the Obama administration also says he told president trump that the federal response to the outbreak is about taking responsibility also suggesting the president fully implement the defense production act or rand ramp up drug testing among other items being discussed on that phone call Los Angeles telling people there that if they're going to go outside to do some business you got to wear a facemask until now face coverings have been urged here in LA but not mandatory beginning Friday it will be the law that all workers and customers who are doing essential business or Aaron's must be wearing face coverings LA mayor Eric Garcetti we wanted to wait until these were available we can see people now selling them on corners online today saying everyone in grocery stores drug stores restaurants hotels taxis ride shares construction sites and getting gas must wear a face covering Alex down ABC news Los Angeles seven twenty clouds and showers here in by Austin this morning maybe some breaks of sun that's on the optimistic side this afternoon forty eight degrees right now and life is changed here in the United States and right here in Massachusetts as well lot of events getting canceled or postponed others becoming virtual harpoon brewery has announced that its annual harpoon five mile road race on may seventeenth will now be a virtual events that means if you're planning to take part the walk or run on eighty five mile course from your home instead of going to the brewery the five miler is held every year in support of the angel fund which raises money for ALS research an elementary school principal in Ashland bringing dance parties to his students and their families says school remains shut down Michael Carter junior is the principal David Mendez elementary school in Ashland and normally every Friday in the school there's a dance party for students but now that the kids are home the principal is bringing the dance parties to the students we have sent an email out telling people we were going to be doing it and soak sent us requests of who would like to visit and we got in the car with a giant stereo in the last music and have some dancing with the kids and their families Michael says requests are coming in daily from his students and he plans on keeping this tradition going we can't have families gathering in one area one of one family gathered in the driveway or yard everybody's really like keeping to those rules and so as long as four continue to do that we're going to continue to dance for the in Ashland Kevin Coleman WBZ Boston news radio the.

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