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The horse sales? Yeah we've been asked that question several times. Part of it is financial. You know when you go to the sales. There's such a long waiting period before you even get to see the horse run once and that can get. Very, very expensive. So we've all. Up until now, we've been pretty limited on the amount funds we bet available. So it just really made no sense to try something like that at all, and obviously with the claiming game, you've got history on the horse most likely he's going to run back and three to forty five days after the claim, and so it's nice to not have to have that long waiting period to get some action and and have the worst running and we just felt we've seen Mike, Maker has hit some. Home runs with some higher level claiming horses and we just kind of feel like that's kind of what we'd like to try to do We had claimed a horse douses beach for sixty, two, five, I think it was two years ago out in New York and he ended up running second agreed to at Woodbine for us. So we've just felt like we're better at the claiming game than we would be going to the sales, and so that's why we've chosen to go this route so far. So, top take us through the process you use when assessing and claiming your horses. Yeah and it's funny looking at a couple even today. But what Brian I do is We look at the racing for him and just kind of go over what the hearses done and think about who has the horse and the pedigree a little bit. And then we talk at all over, and then once we decide on somebody that we both like. Then we forward that to Grad and Guston who's assistant and ask them for their opinion. And then it becomes kind of a yes or no if they say, yes, then we. Put a claim in if they say, no, we on and. But we always want their honest opinion. We don't want them to if they don't like a horse, we want them to tell us that we're not going to be offended by it. So that's basically how we do it fact we're just we're doing that today. Breaking News. Now, you also ray handle in New York is he a part of that process? Yeah when we use. We do it the same way we basically started using real a little bit because Grad has a lot of conflicts where there may be a horse that we're interested in. That's when it goes owners. So it's nice to have two trainers that you can work. 'cause you run into some conflict. So Brian, how big is the stable either by number of horses or by budget? Currently right now, we just have to horses like Tom said we're actively looking right now. I. Think. Ideally we'd we'd like to probably get up to four is what we feel like we can afford and. It's nice when you you have a horse running every week or every other week so I think we're at two right now we'd like to get up to four and you know I've I think of factor this if he were to win one of these big races where there was some significant money, we we made take a look at going to the sales but for now, we're going to stick with the claiming race and I think four is probably our maximum that we would go for it right now. I'm going to say if he hits in a big race, you can get rid of your day jobs. Do you have data? I retired. I retired about six months ago. So I don't have a day job. I sorta do it depends on who you ask my wife and I are involved in a franchise and I do the marketing and the financial part of it, but she really is doing the the day to day work. So I I would say I have a part time day job. Or your family's supportive or do they think you're crazy or both? My family I think thought I was crazy until we got factor this role in this year, and now they're reconsidering how crazy I am. Yes exactly. Tom, what do you? What do you think on that? Yeah. Support of all those stabilize bucks about racing at Canterbury. That's their big thing 'cause they wanna go up and see the worst run so. It's a little bit different point of view then we got. Tom and I prefer running the bigger tracks just because the money so much better and. I keep telling time to tell his kids that if they want to run a canterbury, they can go by their own horse so. That's how we feel about it. Well. When you get the Keeneland, you'll be taking on some of the sport's biggest blue bloods like God stormy and the winner of the English two thousand Guineas Camco how do you feel about this ex claimer taking on some of the sport's biggest blue bloods Yeah? Well, it's a little a little intimidating but. You know there's a Lotta imperfections in a thoroughbred mark at. So there's no question. He was a slammer at one time. But Yeah I don't think we feel intimidated but we realize it's a it's a super hard radius and you know with a with a short or Lakers there's the ceremonial what comes into so You need to get a good trip and whatnot. So but I I wouldn't say we're intimidated crowded and it is this the one that catches some like it up round now tips sue wide and it is Irish straight under pressure in third position the. Rodney to do now, factor this made all the running up front Laurent through got pre sixteen. Left to go in the dinner party stakes in front of length and a half from some like it hot brown whose game and chasing but second to factor this factor this in front and pulling away in that last sixteenth of a mile. What would it mean to you to win the Breeders Cup Mile? Oh my Gosh I was talking to Tom the other day and I just looked at him I. Can you believe that we're running in the Breeders Cup after I? Mean we started this thing five years ago and we were claim and horses with Brad. Down at the fairgrounds for seventy, five, hundred dollars, and now we have a H- Horse Breeders Cup that I think is eight to one in the morning line I just So it's IT'S I guess they ask me that question after the race. But right now I'm kind of Numb. Battlefield. Yeah no I feel the same way I mean it's kind of it. You don't WanNa think about extrapolate up too far because the kind of year he's had already I mean if we could somehow managed to win this race I think we'd be in line for the eclipse award too so you don't WanNa think about that too much. And yet you are. Bringing it up. Well we certainly wish the best of luck on November the seventh Diana Tom cuts all of gaining ground racing. Thank you so much for a few minutes gentlemen.

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