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You you how we going to deliver games purely streaming it's all day to Senate based we have to deal with latency, which is a very real issue. You know, they came up with something unique. And we'll see if it works. We'll see how well it works. Whatever it is. But you know, Microsoft has some very very real advantages. And so, you know, we know last week that Phil Spencer had written the troops since the guys, you know, it's called Gogel's don't where the tone know, Microsoft's big. Unveiling of project x clad will occur at three in June. They showed up a little bit of it this past week turn the same show that Google announced stadia, and they're going to have some some of the same stuff. I mean, I think one of the goofy things that Microsoft is doing one of the things I'm I I will say I'm a little nervous about I'm not sure if this is maybe the right way to approach it. But it looks like Microsoft's going to do a little bit more on the rich client side, even with their cloud based streaming meaning that. There's going to be an actual software application that's more than a remote viewer. That's going to do stuff on the client. And we'll see we'll see how that goes. But that means they're they're setting if swimming that's what they're doing that they could be setting themselves up for keeping different clients up to date with each other in different features that's different clients. And you know, we'll see, but, you know, they have for example in touchscreens they have this glass interface for you know, emulating the XBox control. There are so many buttons that kind of covers all screen it's a little bit. Like, you know, the old if we turn on every toolbar and word, you know, this tiny little postage stamp in the middle of typing. It looks a little bit like that, unfortunately. But anyway, the main point here is from the Microsoft perspective. This is true of Sony as well for sure any company that's already already has a, you know, his Hertie in games, right? They have relationships publishers of all sizes independent game makers. They have a distribution thing that they've been doing forever. I mean, you know, Google has a couple. Obviously play stars begging, and whatever, but you know, the people who choose XBox or PlayStation are gamers capital. G, you know, the people who play games in funds in his people, you know, and they're not necessarily interested. In streaming services are paying Google ten bucks a month. Whatever the cost is going to be. So I guess my point is just don't freak out. I I honestly when you think about it logically. There's really nothing to worry about the best. They can do is match. What Microsoft is doing technically? And even then there a mile behind because they just don't have any of the games of the states like the apple service. You know, you know, the the apple notion that developers were somehow not free to make the games they wanted to make until apple came along as the most ludicrous assertion I've ever heard. But yeah, the it's some magical thing they're going to do. And they're going to have, you know, unique games. You know, a unique games that are only on one platform when it what what an innovation that is. Yeah, we've had that for a long time to apple, you know. So everyone's going. To do this Amazon's getting involved, they'll be other companies. I think Microsoft's in a good place..

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