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Lonzo, Hornets, Josh Hart discussed on Through the Wire


Even if they don't keep them like the trade east, I go up to get him to warn. They got like the lava, a lot of youth for normal kill virgins who sometimes get forgotten about. Yeah, I was watching some game here the night. Forget he was even audiotape. Did he? He may have played or something, but I do not remember seeing him checking in anything. Two. Sixers, not six, say raptors. I mean, I did. I said, anybody does not Damon little CJ McCollum. I don't have anybody. The bulls because other than CJ and Dame, I. I. To be okay. I just put nurtures visit their best player. I was amino can shoot the ball. Three years in a row. He's been pretty solid injury. Keep that up. Yeah, step up wind saying every year. So I don't know if he's ever going to talking as a fan right now. We've been saying lasers, what does he do? We get in, we fit in what? What have you ever expected from? That's the problem. Y'all fans be inspected from certain players on your team when you got more Harper's, what did you really expect from him hit is for him to play his contract value and he owned do that. No, it's not. Yes. But like that's what you want as a fan of overpay player him to play for the money that he got a gorgeous day. I don't really know what I'm saying though for coming at that reporter, he said, if you want this money, you you Suda because no Gore's you've got that bad like big top. To say, you can't say I'm overpaid because I like made this money. From getting put on a postal last night who we talked about. That makes a lot of sense to me. No, I got one foot hawks. Churchyard. Are you kidding? I didn't have anybody. So. So they're going to be the worst team in the league, probably nets. Dinwiddie. Why this? He's going to be Verizon. Continue to have the season. He did last year big fight with that. Okay. For me, it was their starting point guard. Not the back of it. Russell? Yeah, me too. Five is we've talked about the Angela Russell potentially having a breakout year before, so I'm not gonna go too much into it, but like if they wanna be decent and traffic before eight spot has got to be the Angelo Carey in that offensive weight and maybe he won't. He probably won't, but you never know somebody who. Vessel steel long rim. We want him to not be loaded into more finished loading. Okay. That's what you said before. Rockets? No, no. I said Portland, he's ever after. Abaco means I gotta Bucko Danny green. I wanted to. My whole thing was just can it be the number one defense? I wanted to put any green. Danny green comes, does the same area. I know what I'm gonna give from Danny green like consistently on defend. I went deeper what I need him to be the x factor in. Kowa resigning. Does what he does, what he got, what he wanted to hear, haunting forget what he do on court. Hornets. Jeremy lamb just because they need a second. I haven't leaked. Malignant. You didn't even Reisch if you. No. Of course, I had to DeVille, Josh Hart. What do you be doing like. Let me let's reason. So if he could be like that do at the beginning of the game where they go through him, get the energy going crowd. By going to jail? No, not going through him. You want to run your own Princeton's avail, not running. Just energy at the beginning. Means running your offense through blogs, rebounds being, do we kinda Brown. A real bad side of this off seats available, then Josh heart because step up and say. From contagious. I would like that. Please clip that soccer remember this forever. The man was offense, Brandon Ingram. Thank you. Ingram because they need that clear cut number two for the brand new idea for Lonzo because Rondo can do everything. Lonzo does of Lonzo doesn't have a good game Ron, or he can't squirrelly Lonzo Lonzo it's not a score either. Well, he gets better than Rondo. Yeah, but I mean, they don't really need that. If we're talking about Lonzo is having a bad game, Rondo can rock and then the same vice versa. I see what you're saying, but here are down just a little bit what you'll tell Rondos a better player in England. Branding. Twenty five minutes away from order in jersey. I'm a Brandon. I'm just, I'm so you know burning..

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Lonzo, Hornets, Josh Hart discussed on Through the Wire

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