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I don't know why you why do you hate him i don't actually like i do the lights yet again which is money yeah discovered shown wednesday their own eyes perfect hard knocks will be there to so we're to have extra cares fantastic yet he he's got the next to jape and i look james winston to me is somebody that continues to impress only nfl only player in nfl history of over four thousand yards each of his first two seasons in the league lead the nfl and deep completion since into the league and now as the sean jackson result of that is he has they have tried to throw the football vertically down the field in each of his two pro seasons in they've had good players obviously mike evans is tremendous but this offseason they sort of tailor their additions to what durr cutter wants to do dropped the football down the field now you have perhaps perhaps the best deep threat in the game that he can throw to and i will i will tell you that um talking to some people including our friend dan roseana whose down in a bucks camp and by the way dangrous anna male appearance are how may i exactly dirt cutter i caught up on my heart attacks last night by the price now no one likes the brightest upon but chris godwin uh the rookie can absolutely fly as well 61 uh you know scored eleven times on fifty nine catch the penn state last year like he somebody they're very bullish on as well just a talented rookie that not necessarily anything that you're looking for in in the league other than dynasty but just another piece of the puzzle for an offense that we think takes a big leap forward this year i think both people are familiar with the circumstances surrounding the bucks runningbacks doug martin will miss the first three games of this year because of suspension chuck was rogers ease the presumptive starter for those three games just to reiterate how would you approach the from a draft strategy standpoint matthew what both of them i mean so doug martin's current adp is running back 38 abbott running back twenty nine.

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