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Can burn special on country music. read what our life long time in county. outlaw country was kind of cool that was part of like our country was like some kind of like rock and roll was to the fifteenth you know kind of country music. some phone calls in here again Ken burns really knocked into a last night ever hit a home run Martin higher on the chip. yeah I'm a musician I'm in my sixties now but I've been playing music since I was a teenager. don't really care too much for rap but I certainly think it's music thing with countries not really my dad but I can certainly respect the the great musicians that play country music I think once a pair of salt didn't didn't have harmony looking talk about vocal harmonies thought about the chord changes well sure I'm in the dark but if you're playing if you're playing a sea and I'm playing an E. N. somebody else's planet GNU break a core down I mean I mean that's that's a harmony and you get all right Michigan it has warrants it has you know I yes so maybe you're right I would not agree with you that it's not music but speaking of Shapiro hopping services on your show and debate of never up conservatives on your show debate why is that I've been in I've done this a long time I pretty much know what they have to say and I you know I I put all callers on effect the if the best way to get on the air to disagree with me generally but I get as far as conservatives when you're saying you're talking trump pers now you're talking about like if I were to tell me if. you wanna talk about Adam Smith verses the John Maynard Keynes I love it going to talk about the role of government our lives and you got somebody from reason magazine I love it you know but I mean I don't I don't consider Mitch McConnell conservative I consider you know Barry Goldwater conservative of course he's dead but you know I mean I you know and George will have a door I interviewed George will we had him on the air for half an hour you know I mean I do I mean is it that that the truth is is that this why short and and if they if they have something of value I mean I've read a lot and if I see something I things of value I mean I don't think. yes the answer for you know there's harmony for you right we have we. we do not you know I mean I just look at them as a B. flat in the key of a that's all. hi thanks buddy well all right. be fine see that's not a natural and anyway it on all right on the wiki has what what's the only key that as a final. F. V. sharp or be flat anyway are coming up the interesting what when you're talking about Democrats by the way it happened less than half an hour I have a major announcement that will blow you away nobody else has this and this is a major announcement about an icon in San Francisco that retired in broke everyone's hearts and is coming back in the next twenty five minutes I promise I'll have it for like a twenty five I about four fifty five okay about coming up next to John Nicholson the national join us we're gonna talk about is it what's more important for the Democrats right now style or substance is kind of cynical but we'll get to that. news time is four thirty can McAllister in today for Nikki Maduro Marin county man faces charges in the death of his eleven year old son during a boating accident your angel island Tiburon police say fifty seven year old hobby year Rio will be charged with vehicular manslaughter with the vessel and other charges cases drawn international attention because brio is a wealthy property developer from one of Mexico's richest families police say he was operating a boat while under the influence governor Gavin Newsom.

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