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On air on Alexa and on the W T. O P s. It is four Oh, three on a Saturday May the 22nd 2021 87 degrees right now headed up to near 90. Good to have you along this afternoon. I'm Mike Murillo. The top local stories. We're following this our new details this afternoon, a deadly car crash that happened in Aspen Hill. We now know the identities of the two elderly passengers that died in that crash. Montgomery County Police say the crash happened at around 5 30 yesterday afternoon on Park Vista Drive near Hatteras Way of 2018. Toyota Avalon crashed into an unoccupied parked vehicle and was on Fire with three people trapped inside early arriving officers among them an off duty. Maryland state trooper used fire extinguishers. Firefighters got there and ripped off the roof. But it was too late 78 year old Martha Louise Ross, the front seat passenger and 91 year old Joan Williams Jenkins, the rear seat passenger were dead. The driver was 86 year old Carl Neil Ross. They all lived in the 3200 block of North Leisure World Boulevard. Police say they don't know why the crash happened. Christopher Cruz w T. O p knew a person is found dead. Weston home this morning. Police say they're investigating the case as a homicide that was found in apartment on Shire Court right off of Glade Drive just before nine this morning. Fairfax County Police say they have a person of interest in custody and are awaiting a medical examiner's report. For the cause of death. There is no threat to the public, they say. Easy. Police have located a piece of evidence they were looking for after a grandmother who shot was shot and killed in South East L. A main Neil was the 65 year old grandmother, who was shot outside her home Wednesday on Cue Street near Minnesota Avenue. Police said they were looking for a silver sedan that was caught on surveillance footage. And we've learned that police have found that car. It was located on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, and it was on fire the victim's daughter location Neal on NBC four. Hoping to help with the case up, Vega found a fellow who actually did this. Investigators say the victim was not the intended target in the shooting. There's a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Nick I. Nelly w T. O P. News 405 D C recognized some of its most dedicated employees during a ceremony last night honoring them for their hard work during the pandemic from D C police officers for their response to the capital riot to the district's homeland security team. The district's employee appreciation ceremony handed out more than 30 awards. I want to say on behalf of our entire community. Thank you. Public works and murals, D C were also recognized for the creation of black lives matter. Plaza. City leaders also honored the teams at the core of setting policies during the pandemic for their leadership. I'm also extremely thankful And like Peacock, proud of the.

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