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Berlin police Berlin police that is say three watercolour landscapes allegedly painted by young on-off. Hitler are being examined by experts to determine if they're fakes police spokesman Martin hallway said the paintings were seized from a city auction house before they could be sold after they ever seen a complaint questioning their authenticity. The paintings dated nineteen ten in one thousand nine eleven and signed a Hitler or due to be auctioned Thursday. Hallway says they're now being examined by forensics specialists, and art historians as a young man the future Nazi dictator is thought to have painted some two thousand pictures as he struggled to succeed as an artist in Vienna before World War One a Hitler watercolor of Munich sold city hall sold in two thousand fourteen for one hundred forty seven thousand four hundred dollars Keith Peters reporting Oscar winning composer and pianist Michelle grant whose hits include the score for the umbrellas of Sherborne, the windmills of your mind has died. He was eighty six townhall dot com. Family physician Dr Charleston Anderman talks about a resource for genetic diseases, sir over one thousand health conditions, which are in heritable summer determined by single sequence of DNA or others may require multiple genes or combination nature and nurture to occur a good resource on genetic diseases genetic code reference from the US national library medicine. The internet address is G H, R dot dot, NIH dot g-o-v. E Charles Snyder in Washington LA teachers declared a victory after a six-day strike of at momentum tool. Wave of activism, I educate they've tapped a common theme and found success by framing their cause as a push to improve public education. Not just get pay raises. Teachers in Denver, Oakland, Virginia, Texas, Washington, Eleanor, all planning rallies marches, and in some cases strikes of their own actions. Have fed off one another since the movement began last spring in West Virginia. More on these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Rhonda rocks dream for over.

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