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Well, this off season, the warriors went from facing LeBron four straight finals to now having him in the same division. The kings moved to the Lakers was the biggest story this off season and Kevin Durant was actually happy about the news. Let's take a listen. Thought it was a perfect decision. Perfect move that everything's supposed to do in Cleveland. I think this is perfect next step for him. He's kind of breaking down barriers. NBA superstar supposed to being, you know, you feel like you're supposed to just play it out in one spot. I think he did a good job giving you different chapters and is gonna make his book even more interesting when it's done. From Katie should have one of those comments tell you to me skip. It feels like it will make it a lot either. Katie wants to move again because imagine the heat Katie would have taken going to the Golden State Warriors. Had there been Nola Bron James, at least LeBron James salt and some of the blowback that he did not. He got some. He went joined the seventy three and nineteen. We'll have a two-time MVP so and he got criticized because he had that team down three one did and let them come back and win. When you hear him saying he's defining what a superstar supposed to be. I think two things LeBron James, what he's been able to do in this community, skip the social activism. Part of it, what he's been able to do in his community, and he took the power away from the owners. Whereas before the owners were the only one that could trae great players. Yeah, great. Play never left. They stayed at one city because they felt it their obligation. They did it out of loyalty, but whatever. Maybe they really love being there. But if the owner says, you know what I can get a better deal. I want to do this. They were trained to play LeBron James when he went to Miami, that was the first time we saw all just get up and leave. He didn't get traded. He got up lift all the other greats had gotten traded up until that point. So now guys, like Katie makes it real easy for them to pack up their back because skip the first time the hardest once you do something once it gets a lot easier to to second time around, especially when you go back it up. Yeah, toback falls, indie p. So now if Katie wants to say, well, I don't know if he wants to go back to. Okay, see, but let's just say he wants to go to Washington where he wants to go to Brooklyn to the Knicks make the Laker maybe Lakers the Brian left. Cleveland went to Miami left. Miami went back to Cleveland, yell, even to the Laker this all of my second move. So I'm still down a move to LeBron. So I think him saying what he says, gives him cover if he wants to pick up and leave again. Not saying that he will not saying that you're gonna play what LeBron, but I believe LeBron provided the perfect cover for a lot of NBA stars moving forward. This is not going to be, you know, one of Katie LeBron I believe in the future, you'll see more of these guys that are the superstar that pack up to a different city skit. So I was fascinated by Kevin Durant remark on many levels, but I'm going to start with just the basic level. He's exactly right. This was a beautiful move by LeBron James for his individual brand. I'm not so sure about helping his legacy, but I am. I was all in on his brand because I'm gonna say it again. LeBron James was born to be a Los Angeles Laker. He was born to finish in Los Angeles in Hollywood for the magic shack Koby Lakers the return to Showtime Lakers..

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