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What are we? What is this? When he think that I possibly had like you're with the dog all day. I ever leave with them for more than fifteen minutes. which is be some superhero stuff. All that off. So when is this like mystery window of time? happening. Commit. True. If, you're never away from the dog for more than fifteen minutes. Then how could he take her over to? You? Know Lake. Whoever's house. But It could be a simple as this guys I mean I-. Weird things have happened. Yeah, and there's always an extra. If you're really innocent, then then you got the you didn't do anything. This reminds me. The time I've told the story million times. There was a brochure for gay men who are married that haven't come out that my wife found in our guest room. Room and she was like. How did this get there? And I said I didn't put it there. There's gotTa be a logical explanation, but there it is yeah brochure for married men who might be gay, and she finds it in my house and the only married man in the house. Yeah, how did it get there? And I called row? We should we should have. Seen where you sat roses, buddy. Right but no. It was true because my. At, my nephew had gone down to sex. World found this her, and he left it in there as a joke, but I think back on that story and I wonder if my nephew wondered whether he was gay, I realized. He forgot it didn't WanNA. Take it home anyway. If there's a logical explanation for and he didn't do it. It's I mean anything's possible. Somebody could have had a bag, a hair ties and threw it over your back fence in your dog founded in eighty four. You ever saw them not likely, but it is it possible again or maybe you're I. Don't know maybe in the back of the car yet of used car and maybe somebody had left hair ties in the back. You never know, but are you satisfied? Then MRI that he wasn't cheating with. Paul Ristori where they came from, but I mean. To me. That's pretty clear. Yeah, I agree. Well I forgive you Sam? Talking to you through the radio I. Want to hear more about this brochure. This is this is. It wasn't mine..

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