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Yeah I'm a little bit about this one because I feel light. Whatever it takes to keep these fuckers in at home it's good and I think if you see a lot of the pastors and churches are profit motivated. You know a lot of how you're gonNA pay the rent. How will pay my bills? And because they get their money from everybody else's money they want to church. And Yeah you can call. This says a religious thing if you want to. Y'All are not really do all that. So you know y'all feel free to but religion or no religion You can die from this shit and so we make dislike is an incentive for the other people to go to work because bills you think is not an incentive for pastor to go to work for his bills the Ferrari not gonNA pay yourself. Okay now a business might be seen in the in the garage this month but the bill still coming so I can see why to pass. It would be like well if I can get away with it. I'm a whole church there so if the government giving them alone is going to keep from holding church. I'm actually with it okay. Now from that perspective I agree. Yeah just no no you know because the truth be told particularly we talked about smaller churches. Damon I had the ability to do a virtual churches and things like that right. You're lodge. Churches have the ability. So I'm like y'all just need to livestream. Yeah just something man gotTa keep. These fuckers out of church is the one is one of the places no talking about spring break and Shit but you know a lot of Christians feel like you know we're GonNa like we can make it through this. We the blood of Jesus stuff and we can't have that type of nonsensical anti-science. She happened in during this pandemic. You just can't everybody got stay home. And if it's if a bribes keep a pastor at home I would bribe his ass if I was to after Walkouts Amazon. Pledges temperature checks and mask in our warehouses. Which is something they should do. Their businesses actually ticked up. 'cause everybody's yeah it's weird to ship mask and gloves and temperature gauges while not having Amazon. So yeah they're gonNA be doing that so I mean there's good 'cause that walkout worked the president's job but guess what conditions guy better people got paid Let's see Pittsburgh. Scientists say corona virus vaccine could be fast tracked key animal testing potential vaccine against the novel Corona virus causing the cover. Ninety-nine breakers we created in the University of Pittsburgh Lap researchers say the first phase human clinical trials. Which would be clue healthy. Volunteers in the Pittsburgh area star in the coming months scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine announced Thursday. That the vaccine when tested in mice produces atop body specific to the corona virus Kobe to which could be notified out the virus testing the vaccine. In my doesn't guarantee you efficacy in humans We'RE READY TO INITIATE CLINICAL TRIALS. As soon as we're able to meet the necessary requirements that. Dr Louis Follow Professor and chair of the Dermatology of Dermatology Pitt's school of Medicine and UPS EMC and make an announcement. File follow invoked pits own. Jonas Salk the medical pioneer whose team developed the world's first effect polio. Vaccine Nineteen fifty five the vaccine finder part of the first peer reviewed study describing a potential vaccine. According to researchers the paper appeared in magazine Abo Medicine on Thursday which is published by the last one of the oldest peer reviewed medical journals. Why human testing typically requires at least a year follow said pit is working with federal agents to speed up the process. So we'll see we will So there's some good news makes Dan with some of the bad news today. All right let's get out of the segment. I mean because all as more of this shit guys always more in blackall yeah Let me see yeah I was GONNA see. There's some sure wins. Kentucky charge packed for Easter Service. And then cops show up in the parking lot. They were waiting on on and some local had thrown nails in the parking lot to took flagging the tires. Cars and get people to to not come and they. The police found the people sweeping up the nail so they could still have church on Easter Yup Nad to give people citations and shit. I saw locally in North Carolina. That was a thing where people are starting. This thing was like Hashtag reopened North Carolina and it was gathering in violating the rules and they had size and the protests and the police out there shit and it was mostly white. People are saying but this crazy man. My I don't know that this fifty percent but it's close to fifty percent of at least the voting populace in this country. They're anti-science now. They believe this shit the recall against them. And you know that's why I never. I'll never listen to liberal people that talk about how liberal country is is not like you. Just don't either don't know history or you cherry pick history but you look at the whole context of America's not a liberal country at a very conservative country that had to fight tooth and nail to get a little bit of Shit Frau. Yeah because the the governor here just extended are stay at home till I may sometime in. May develop highly upset about that and my thing is I've come to conclusion that people are self centered and they want to do what they want to do. And they and be damned the consequences. That's a lot of this is just selfishness and self centeredness and not caring. Yup they had to give Dr Faustus more security. 'cause half of this country is fucking. That's that's this country to these people. I trump look bad. He lied about Corona Virus. And I want to hurt him and the saddest news of course of a of the corona virus news the. Us's finally waved the white flag there will be no tag. Is I know we talked about this on policies for us but Dana white WHO IS USC? Like the man who runs it? Yeah going you'll go get a secret allen that he was gonNA buy and host his own communicate like the end of the dragon and or blood sport. If you will whichever you're into and He finally salaries and said I cancelled all of our vents down hold indefinitely because pandemic yes real sad news for me you know. I was totally into this idea. I think he was the only one out of the group It could've been it. Could've been so good. Okay I think we all you know they could have a reality show. They're got that would have been a mess. We've got that one black man. We'll tell me who else Mr Hun suddenly. I like to leave your island. It is not possible. Oh Shit Mr hand man.

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