Rapper who bragged in video about benefits scam is arrested

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Nuke Basil is rapper and he bragged in a youtube music video about getting rich from an unemployment scam. While now his bragging has got him in jail has really Ms Fun Trail Baynes he's of Memphis and. He is expected to make his first court appearance in downtown L. A. on Friday. He was arrested in Vegas. So what happened is he made a music video posted it and he was bragging about his swagger for E. D. D. and holding up stacks of the bank cards that came from the PCP loans and one of the lines in the song is you gotta sell cocaine just file claim while they investigated him and found ninety two of those debit cards preloaded totaling more than one point two, million dollars fraudulently obtained benefits from the first stimulus package. Good to see they've got a tight rein on it right If convicted Nuke Basil faces twenty two years in prison. Good.

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