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Cities everywhere in november tenth it is here and now glacier day national park in southeast alaska is home to some of the oldest ecological records in the world and natural laboratory for scientists studying the effects of glacial change for the locations of some of the groundbreaking research plots from one hundred years ago were lost so in a colleges in in june out went on the adventure of a lifetime to locate the plant in an effort to find clues about how glaciers which treat elizabeth jenkins of alaska's energy desk has more when botanist william ask cuper arrived in glacier bay and 1916 he did so in a large comfortable research vessel but a century later brand the as transportation around the end let was a little more modest you malev three scientists along the coastline this summer in kayaks or law there's a mother grow who heads when a sir oregon iron eytan strawberries anatalole games reuters alone the as an ecology professor at the university of alaska southeast and william s cooper the godfather of modern ecology is one of the two characters have influenced his academic pursuits theaters referenced imbue ms yellow no book the when he takes out with him in the field on the inside it says to the kenyan of the kremlin and not to indiana jones and the last crusade were indy searches for the holy grail and in some ways be moment embark on his own journey looking for his version of buried treasure he said out to find coopers lost research plots and glacier bay givers research began over 100 years ago when he travelled from his home in minutes soda to alaska you wanted to see how the landscape was adapting to glacial mouth and that met returning to the same spots over time this see how the vegetation changed but the 1930s cooper it stopped coming to the area so we have all this really interesting and really exciting studies but he did but then of a gap and so i thought might be just possible to retrace the steps to pinpoint the exact locations and glacier bay bima flew to the university of minnesota last year and look through cooper's journal's for clues yvette exhaustive notes photographs and sketches about where the platt's can be found.

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