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Of the Callard content right of food, so you know they literally would burn by some the through to see him as he gave off. Determined. Contents abstract and destructive of beans to understand with somebody is for the body, and then you have the idea that you know as building blocks the micronutrients and the hydrates purchases that's are used to create the structure body. The question about what really is has to account for the fact that has informational qualities you know in the field of genomics. For example there was a lot of occas things like mental donor vitamins like fully for example being able to silence gene expression. By donating Harbin and so we only. Understand that. Yes, modulate gene expression of what is a more recent discovery is that food contains actual gene regulatory nucleic acids notice might wrote our names, and he's my days while they sound small, they are actually are now known to govern the expression, a majority of the poaching hunting genes in the human genome as deal, because for the longest time right like I'll just geneticists soon if we could understand the protein coding genes than the holy grail of Health and disease, we understand how to identify disease in Hewlett and that was absolutely. To be false. Five when the first draft, the Human Genome Project was completed, and they can only find one thousand genes in the whole human genome, which is actually a far cry. From the hundred thousand proteins needed to describe one cell and so late for example, earthworms have about the same amount of. Genes clearly were more complex. Is that information well? That's when we started to do. Stand the so called junk, DNA and ninety eight percents CG known that doesn't transcribe proteins has information in fat, much of it is transcribed into armies and these master Arnaiz. Arnaiz are sort of at the apex. They're the ones. Gene expression, but it turns out how! Our food contains these Arnie's well says certain foods are required to basically help us to orchestrate the expression of our own genes, our on resilience, and well this athletes require less foods, said vegetables and varies now. You won't find a lot of history between the human genome and EPI genome and right GMO. Foods. Brand new novel experiment, though these ancient foods that are by. The Bible traditional cultures. You've been eating them from thousands of years, thousands of generations that's. Towel when it comes to understanding. The informational qualities shoots and in there. You mentioned that the micro Arnie's as they come from fruits, vegetables and berries, what other foods to come in and his quality meat something that contains them as well or is it just those three categories great question? Yes, so all living fans create these micro vesicles which include his homes, which basically package micro aren't as I know, it sounds to choose it. Let's. If. It's a mushroom means. Area not, they all contain these are nate's in these little virus. Is Articles called EXURBS? So when we eat them so fascinating is that they are actually crossed, Ching? The jurors of genetic information. Other example this we had before discovery of these domes viruses. They. What's happening right now? copay for example, the assumption that state back virus jumped into human his clothes. Swear. Melissa! Another example would be the tobacco. The virus jumps into an animal that would be more of an example of how information was once a week completely separated off. Or even species we now know through Wrexham's and through food basically can be transferred horizontally between these kingdoms for these species, and so that opens up a whole new realm of understanding when it comes to interdependence genetically for example, so let me give you. A real clear sample is confusing. Someone you guys to understand. How cool is this? So you think about the ovary right basically is essential for the production of hormones. And you can take a female rat and I'm sorry for those who myself talk to the section, but this is just the way it's been done for many years. Is that a tank? The ovaries out of this female Roman within a few weeks and develops blown menopause osteoporosis August. Hormone efficiency, but if you feed a group that had their over now, the ovaries implants which foods, so let's get comrade slum orange is as if you'd never taken over his out in other words, somehow these flowering plants known as angiosperms that fruits that we eat as mammals can basically face a function of are over. And so when you look at pomegranates, perfect example you cut, it understates way to the middle. It looks like in the million afraid and actually had literally. Steroid hormones like testosterone extra ends. WHY BE! Because time this. Transformation and thousands thousands of years these species became dependent on each other in a beautiful way. Because if you think about it, these plans aren't using to dispersal seed, a need animals, and so using us to be hoping we produce and vice versa. Confers survival advantage and helps on jeopardy hormone function by giving us this fruits than we become healthier, and we continue to spread it around. The world says it's really beautiful interdependence and it's woven. Kingdoms of life through the mediation of what are essentially east exit zones, containing earning in different yet species so. How do we ensure that we're optimizing this? As a human who's taking in a variety different foods and getting these different micro ironies from different foods as the whole idea here just eat like a healthy balanced diet, and then you're going to get good information from all the different foods that are gonNa make you intern healthier is such a question I. Mean I think ultimately this? That's a deep question which is like what is the origin of our species? If you will or ourselves, because we sort of have to go back in time to understand what the ideal diet for us particularly might make a general recommendation of at least he will be to. Diet. Some use the term Halio bits comes swift by Coca Cola to you know carbonated beverage almost meaningless. It's more of a branding as diet means something like going to find out about your mother and father and their mother and father going understanding what culture it came from what the? And what recipes for example were cast? Our culinary traditions basically provide what are known as EPA genetic inheritance systems, and they're as meaningful and important. The expression of health or disease as are the primary.

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