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Pursuit of better medicine. Love cursive in the box for hooking. His first minor penalty of his NHL career. I saw them go over and get the puck and throw it over on the bench a milestone Well, Mrs Power play one for three and only two would have 22 on the season. Sure he'll get out the hammer a nail and hammer that right up over his fireplace, You know, gotta save that momentum. Maybe first garage. Murphy behind the hawk net to a loose puck will drive it around the right side boards and all the way down or passel of the goaltender for Columbus out behind his net. Playing the puck up the left wing boards to Max, Don't Max Domi, the son of Tai. Now Max Domi will carry out of the jacket zone to center ice and fling the puck down to the left wing corner. Hawk's own slides behind the net. Keith Popes it freedom, Murphy! Feed, then lost it to Tech. See a left corner out to warrant ski Left point to tech. See a left circle. New York stand right circle fired a wrist shot that Mr Net text CIA took it back along the left boards worked the puck left point. Gawronski. On down to Bjork's strand along the left boards now to the right point, dummy. Gawronski High slot Domi top of the right circle Back to warrants Kita Bjork's Strand Left circle. Put it across for Domi Rate point. Here's Domi. Fit to the line. Pope now by Warren Ski Over in New York Strand fires these cars Oliver Bjork's Strand from the left wing circle one times this past Kevin Lincoln, and it's a power play goal, and Columbus leads one upping black dog's got kinda baited into thinking they had an opportunity and maybe getting something like a two on one. Landmark deflected the puck. And.

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