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To be trending high in case numbers tend to be trending. Hi. Can you imagine what if what if you would have heard yesterday There was 1422 cases. But there were 1786 recovers, right? No arbitrary number, But we did hear that. And you don't hear that. It's trumpeted on the headline is Oh, my gosh cases continue to rise. Well, OK, but what happens after that? Why not? Now? What about what about southwest Ohio? So we have. I looked back at the fourth. Last week on the fourth and then forward to the 11th because the 11th gives time for that variance, You know information to be entered. Hamilton County on the fourth, had 72 cases on the 11 9 Hospitalizations on 43 on the 11th 0 deaths on the 4th 0 on the 11th 1 Sounds like the most times sounds to me like it's time to go back to school. It's time to go back to school, and it's you know if you listen to the White House Corona Virus Task force. Oppressors thinks Dr Atlas is now on the team and Dr Atlas almost bluntly said it. Look, there's there's no data to support that kids are spreading and that they need where math kids kids need to get back school, particularly when you when you combine that with the CDC and Redfield has repeatedly said suicide Drug use and abuse and mental on well on how excuse me. Uh, depression has been a significant issue, not forget. Yeah, if in fact 10 times more kids. Have died the last seven months of drownings 10 times more kids that have died in covert 19. But you wouldn't know that from every time I look at the media is a crisis. CPD. CPS is I probably schools are still going to go Teo to a virtual learning, and then they don't have learning when they're in school, much less virtual are learning when they're out of school. And so they got 36,000 students and CPS and I asked the question. I don't get an answer from Tony Bender, which is how many Children at CPS from the first grade through senior have died in covert 19. You can't get an answer. But I think the answer is zero. There's no way that's correct and said, so. It's not a time to panic, in fact is, it's a time to look at the numbers and deal with reality. But that doesn't fit the politics of the moment. It doesn't fit the politics of the moment, and it certainly doesn't in this stunning thing is the politics of the moment seems to disregard that we've seen I talked to the doctor last week actually have northern Ohio and kind of the county area who indicated they've seen a marked increase and Suicides and the kids and you on then the other stunning thing to me was, the doctor said of all the adult patients. I'm seeing now 75% of them. Are exhibiting depression and anxiety at levels that would that would need some sort of clinical intervention. And I'm you know extremely sad to report that in my circle. Of people that I've known throughout my life. There's been two suicides in the past four days. So this is a real thing that we, you know, we can talk about the numbers all day long. At some point you have to have you know, and you're you understand sports. Great. Coaches have the eyeball test. They look on the field and see what's going on. Regardless what the is and whatever I mean, we can look around and see. People are struggling. And they're struggling for something that has a 99.7% incidents of, you know, everything's gonna be okay. Say that number again for the alarmist for the progressives for the left wingers for the Tony bender types. What number recover or don't even get what's that number again. I say, 99.7 you could say 99% just to be safe because one of the things we know is this thing has our This was here in November, and they indicate they the experts indicate that are not of, you know, somewhere between 2.5 to 5 when you run those numbers. Ah lot. More than 100,000 Ohioans have already contract this year and I've already carried it around so Yes, 99% of us are not going to have a negative personal negative help outcome from this Now, If someone we know gets sick, that stinks. If they die, that's terrible. But when you're making public policy, you make it for the public right. And 99% of us are going to be okay. So as far as what's going to happen in about an hour, so after two o'clock With the governor, a birdie whispered in my ear. He's going to deal with high school sports, and he is going to permitted to go forward. But we don't know that things change repeatedly. Devaney background information on what the governor is going to do after two o'clock today. I can tell you that he's getting a tremendous amount of pressure from Ms Lieutenant governor who has now publicly gone out on Twitter and Facebook and started indicating that it's extremely important for our kids get back in school for the communities to be able to experience high school athletics, So I think that Coupled with the fact that parents around ST have really decided to rise up and make themselves heard and students as well, I think he's going to try to go forward. Here's my concern. We heard last week. I believe it was on Tuesday that he was going to enter into this multi state consortium and where we're going to purchase about 500,000 auntie gin test by the way, and have the highest incidence of false positive that the test that the governor took last week that rendered a false positives, So we're going to utilize the past with our kids. Their coaches with our referees, and it only takes one path for that referee to, you know, be quarantined or the player in the whole Pete. We're not going to get very far down the road before we see contest being canceled and, you know, tournament play being, you know. Erased. And obviously already the you know the college level. We're already seeing that day. Did you have in your hand? How many Ohio Children between the ages of six and 18 have died? A covert 19. Is it zero or one? There was one soldier who died in a convalescent center had other help. How many between the age of six and 18 of which in Ohio there's about 1.8 million in that category? 6 to 18. I You mentioned the one that had significant other issues, right? My understanding is there may be one other, but that might have been a 19 year old as well. So might I do not believe there are any kids who have died and Cashes. It's you know, it's terrible if anybody does sure, but kids, kids, you're not dying from this, and the CDC has already said there's no data to support the kids. They're transferring this to teachers. Say that again because I get letters, e mails. I put up a Twitter yesterday, which has got literally thousands of Retweets and which is shocking and I caught so much flak for saying this, I said yesterday. That I'm scrolling down. Teachers. Unions say the teachers air terrified to teach. Thank God the cops work. Firefighters show up and save lives..

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