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Chinese companies. Do I not trust the Chinese now? Not a bit. China china? I is is their motto. Ours is America first there's the China for. Where it's going to be. The Albuquerque journal reported yesterday that the town's five the five adults charged with the death of a three year old boy. And possible arms issues. Remember the story from August up in Towse. They could actually be charged. With terrorism. Albuquerque journal reported yesterday the five defendants arrested after thirties found dead child at the compound north of thousand August are now under investigation for a specific terrorism related charge. That has never been before filed a New Mexico. Possible charge providing material support to terrorists is unprecedented for New Mexico. It has been used hundreds of times across the country in in cases related to jihad. According to Karen Greenberg, who is the director of the center for national security at Fordham law law school, but new unique to New Mexico never before been used. Of course, the case began with a child abused matter child found dead reports of a missing child police sheriffs up in towns county went to the compound. Could not locate the child search compound found the body. And then an accelerated and morphed into issues with guns. Possible assault on schools. Teenagers being trained by the adults. And then it got weird for a couple of days because the DA up there dropped the ball. And the charges were dropped charges were later refiled. Prosecutors however indicated last month at a new indictment making more serious allegations against group may be forthcoming United States and made bolted defendants and the court aware that investigation of this matter continues, there will be at least one superseding indictment alleges terrorism and or keeping a kidnapping offenses may yet address the defendants concerns we haven't seen any evidence of that. So far, according to a defense attorney in the case if there they have evidence to support providing material support to terrorists than they need to do what they intend to do and bring the evidence that supports that. And of course, share that would defense attorneys officials from the US attorney's office for the district of New Mexico could not be reached for comment last week. According to the Albuquerque journal yesterday defense attorneys, meanwhile said they are waiting. To see what additional charges if any? Their clients will face magistrate judge ruled that the group will remain in custody. Aside from the from the death of the child possible terrorist charges as well. Forty five minutes after three o'clock we have one more segment for clock today. Norman Goldman show me back Forty-five.

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