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Singapore investigative reporting in p r ex joins tonight at nine on eighty nine point three kpcc nearly as members supported debut nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman lapd chief charlie beck was back on air talk today for the monthly instead tom enough ask the chief chief beck spoke with kpcc's larry mantle about his upcoming retirement so let's talk about the decision behind it why why retire with a couple of years left in your term well use always a tough decision went to leave you know i i i don't do the job for my own gratification lean i'd do it for the organization i i've been this organization has been part of my life since it there was born literally and it's very important to me what happens in it into it when i'm gone so try to about i've always wanted to pick the right time to go and and i think a couple of things influenced me on this and one of them was that i think we have the right people in place to make a good decision about who will be the next chief and then i also think we have a good pool of candidates ace available from within the department and also recently retired from the department so that uh so that the be good continuity in the in the processes that both bill bratton and i have put into place so you know timing is everything us not quite two years r m uh early it's a new year and five months early but but i think if i waited longer it would be more difficult for the city to get the right chief without like you you really advocate someone with a history with the department not someone who's been completely an outsider well you don't for for police management there i mean generally when things are going well um it.

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