Why All Leaders Need an Assistant with Tricia Sciortino


The lies that my time should be spent getting the work done. Checking off tasks, meeting with clients, pushing projects through work work, grind grind, and takes that to get business off the ground but. At some point, you end up doing a really good job. On the wrong things not bad things. But the wrong things are the things that were the right things when you start it but now they're the wrong things because. Somebody else can do it. And you'll never build and scale a peak referring business if you don't start delegating. From the Ramsey network, this is the entree leadership podcast where we help business leaders, grow themselves, their teams and their profits. I'm your host Daniel Tardy and delegation is something that my guest today knows a lot about. TRICIA short Tino. She's the CEO of Belay play. Well, they're friends of ours. They've been friends for a long time. Their founders came to an entreleadership within many years ago, and they have built a performing business using the principles that we teach you guys on this podcast every day and their company that specializes in helping businesses understand the value of their time may help leaders learn how to delegate and work with somebody who can do the job sometimes better than that leader themselves. Sounds kind of easy but Tristesse found that there's this thing that leaders do I've done this I. Know You've done this where we say. I don't feel comfortable delegating that yet. and. We ended up holding on things too long that we should be handing to somebody else. So we can work on the business and not just in it. And we hang onto long because we don't actually value our biggest asset and that is. Our time. There are so many people spinning their wheels and maybe investing in the things that don't have high Roi. I mean we we have such a limited resource in our time. So I personally am so maniacal about what I'm going to spend my time on how much time I'm going to spend on that thing and honestly being really clear about the things I'm not gonNA spend my time on and I think a lot. Of people don't necessarily run that filter through their mind they think about what they should be doing but maybe they don't spend enough time thinking about what they should not be doing and the the things you should not be doing could fall into a couple of different categories. It's something that doesn't have real Roi. It's something that isn't gonNA show up in the business at the end of the day it's minutia or its. Back end work and you can't actually see that in the long-term vision and Growth Strategy of your organization I think as the leader of an organization or company the things you should and can be focused on the things only really you can do and as the leader, it's those high level things like casting vision for the organization you know breathing into your team with your core values and your growth strategy and vision those. Are the things that we all know we should spend time on but in order to spend the right amount of time on those things, you actually have to say, no to a lot of other things you could work eighty hours a week, but should you and then are you the best to you when you do show up because are you burnt out and overworked and overwhelmed by all the things you're trying to do? I know one of the things you guys specialize in is delegating to a personal assistant. You guys work with hundreds and hundreds of leaders all over the country and pair them with executive assistant services. Somebody that's going to be their business partner and help pick up a lot of those things that they don't personally have to be doing and I have an incredible executive assistant that I work with here and knowing how amazing this is at this point, and then looking back at all the silly things that I tried to do myself. In my journey. I never should have been doing that to begin with I was so naive to think I'm the best person to do this. I'm just GONNA, take care of it because when my assistant does shelly does it faster she does it better. She's more efficient than I would ever be and she actually enjoys it. You know I interest. So many of these things I was doing just out of duty out of out of like I just have to do this to be responsible whereas shelley's like she's wired for this like she really does thrive in these activities and it's this beautiful partnership where I'm better off, she's better off. The teams better off because we're getting things done together as a partnership. But what do you say to leaders who maybe haven't had that experience they're going I, don't know I i. get the idea of having an assistant and I maybe they were my calendar and book my travel I mean, what do they really do that? I can't just go ahead and take care of myself. Yes I feel the same way about my assistant Melissa she really does help me ten x Mike Capacity truly to me. It is such an important relationship when executive and an executive assistant because they really do free you up to do the things we talked about for you up to do the things that only leader can do now what I love what you said is so true, we see it all the time is that most leaders and entrepreneurs don't thrive in the details. Nor should you be in them? So the beauty of it is that there are literally people wired to thrive on details they were born and excited about details and spreadsheets, and planning traveling calendars, and that is they're happy place. So you really start recognizing that everybody has their own zone of genius and there are people who complimented each other and sit in their different zone of genius. So if my zone of genius may be sales marketing vision and maybe my my weak areas are administration serum. Management. Calendar Planning will then you have that partner that can come alongside you and really fill your gaps you kind of become. That Ying and the Yang where they're able to partner with you and take care of the things that either you're not really good at or you actually don't like doing them. You know. So letting that stuff go and really building into that relationship is so important my assistant Melissa really gives me peace I tell her all the time when she helps me, Kinda, really just accomplish the things that get done in a given day or week that what she does. She gives me a great night's sleep because I know the things are handled and I don't have to be the one to handle them. So I am unburdened. By the fact that she's there from so she really does unburden me. From the details that may sit in what might my day to day looks like?

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